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Supplement Guide | What Is Glucosamine Sulfate?

Supplement Guide | What Is Glucosamine Sulfate?

Muscle-building and fat loss supplements are very common, as are pre-workouts. But a lesser-known category exists, and is equally important – joint supplements. Regardless of what you may assume, they aren’t just for older lifters with aching joints. Weight lifters of all ages can benefit from taking joint supplements, as they can help protect your joints in the long run, and keep you feeling better and lifting longer. Let’s look at glucosamine sulfate, a popular joint supplement.

What Is Glucosamine Sulfate?

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Glucosamine sulfate is derived from shellfish, and taken as a joint care supplement. When joints are frequently under heavy load, they can start to wear down and ache. If you’ve ever spent a long period of time lifting heavy weights, you may have noticed some aches and pains in your elbows, shoulders, knees, or anywhere else. Taking a joint supplement will help alleviate the pain.

How Does Glucosamine Supplement Work?

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When joints are under heavy stress on a regular basis, they can start to wear down a bit and begin to hurt. Long-term, this condition is referred to osteoarthritis, or “wear and tear” arthritis. This can cause chronic joint pain and aching, even when they aren’t being used. Part of this is due to the breakdown of collagen, which is the tissue in your joints. Think of it as padding for your joints – without padding, they bones will rub on each other, which can get quite painful.

Glucosamine sulfate has been shown to reduce the rate of collagen breakdown when taken on a regular basis. If someone is suffering from osteoarthritis, taking glucosamine is as reliable as something like Tylenol for relieving pain, although it isn’t quite as potent.

 Why Should You Take It?

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If you want to take glucosamine sulfate for joint pain relief, you want a total dose of 900 – 1,500 mg, spread out over 3 doses during the day. It’s very safe to take, so you can take more if needed, although if taken on an empty stomach, it may cause slight irritation. It’s best to take even doses, with breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

For anyone who enjoys lifting weights, and plans to do so for a long time, glucosamine is an excellent addition to your supplement stack. It’s better to start taking it sooner than later, as it is a preventive supplement, not just a pain reliever. Taking glucosamine sulfate on a regular basis can help prevent more serious problems down the road.

Our articles should be used for informational and educational purposes only and are not intended to be taken as medical advice. If you’re concerned, consult a health professional before taking dietary supplements or introducing any major changes to your diet.

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