Fuel Your Ambition | The Best Energy Supplements

Fuel Your Ambition | The Best Energy Supplements

Sometimes raw motivation isn’t enough; sometimes we need to replace that fatigue and desire to sit on the couch all day with a good energy kick! In this situation, a good dose of caffeine and performance enhancing ingredients will do the trick.

The Myprotein website has an expansive range of supplement blends and formulas. Some of our most popular include the energy/pre-workout range that will benefit every type of athlete from endurance, to lifters, to everybody in between. In this article we will go over some of these formulas and who they are best suited for, read on to Fuel Your Ambition!

The Best Energy Supplements



MYAMINO BOOST takes a different approach to energy supplements, focusing more on a wide amino acid spectrum.This product contains 300 mg of caffeine, 400 mgs of beta alanine, 226 mgs of citrulline & 400 mgs of arginine. As you can tell, this product does not contains any creatine. This may not be what hardcore athletes are looking for, but MYAMINO BOOST is better formulated for beginners, individuals who are sensitive to caffeine, or even for those who want to buy the above ingredients separately in bulk to add in themselves. Some other important ingredients that are more prevalent in this formula include:

BCAAs – with 5 gof leucine, and 2.5 g of isoleucine and valine, this product can be used very effectively as an intra-workout supplement. When we exercise our muscles breakdown and without a process called muscle protein synthesis, we would be unable to recover and grow. This is where BCAAs come in.

They are the main amino acids required to induce MPS. By supplementing with BCAAs during your workout, recovery and muscle building will be enhanced. Another important time to supplement with BCAA’s is during/before fasted training, as they will help keep your body in an anti-catabolic (muscle burning) state.

B Vitamins – these eight unique, essential vitamins have beneficial effects for the body. Some of the most useful include thiamine (B1), which decreases stress and helps your body use carbs for energy. Riboflavin (B2), which helps transport oxygen more efficiently through the body and can reduce fatigue. Pantothenic acid (B5), which helps your body use carbs and fat for energy as well as produce hormones such as testosterone. And Cobalamin (B12) which creates red blood cells and allows B2 to do its job. If your vegan or vegetarian then supplementing with B vitamins is even more important, as they are not prevalent in their diets.

Amino Acids – MYAMINO BOOST covers all bases in its attempts to create a complete energy formula. Some of the other important amino acids include L-glutamine, which is important for recovery and immune system health. L-carnitine, which has potential to help increase fat loss and muscle gain. L-theanine which actually works synergistically with caffeine to counteract unwanted side effects, such as jitters and restlessness. And L-ornithine which can increase endurance by lowering ammonia levels in the bloodstream.

myamino boost


MYAMINO COMPLEX is a premium formula developed to provide a full amino acid profile to help support muscle growth and recovery. It also contains the full B-Vitamin complex and essential electrolytes, which are vital for a number of bodily functions.

I won’t go into too much detail explaining the benefits of all the ingredients, because a lot of them are similar to MYAMINO BOOST, but there are a couple of ingredients worth mentioning:

Coconut Water – contains essential electrolytes like potassium and sodium, which reduces fatigue to optimize your performance.

D-Aspartic Acid – studies on this ingredient have shown that it could support an increase in short term testosterone levels, meaning you will be able to workout harder for longer

myamino complex



MYPRE is a best seller and is the perfect supplement for anyone who needs an energy boost when training. It contains efficacious stimulatory ingredients as well as performance enhancers:

Caffeine – an ingredient most of us take on a regular basis (and for good reason); caffeine is extremely good at reducing fatigue and lowering the perceived rate of exertion among other mental sharpness benefits. What this means for us athletes is that we can sprint longer, lift more, and feel better doing it. If you know you are sensitive to caffeine though (or if you are not sure), make sure to start out on the lesser side of the dosage. A half scoop is enough to feel a boost for most, but if you feel no perceived benefit, slowly raise the dose until you do!

Creatine – the most well studied supplement in existence, creatine is very effective at what it does. By increasing the amount of ATP our cells can produce, creatine can noticeably increase your power output on heavy lifts as well as high intensity endurance sports. While some are genetically unable to feel the effects of creatine (known as non-responders), luckily creatine can also increase mental sharpness for both groups. Unlike caffeine which works the first time you take it, creatine will need to be supplemented consistently for a few weeks until results can be felt.

Beta Alanine – while creatine exists to benefit short bursts and quick lifts (under 60 seconds), beta alanine has similar effects on longer bouts of exercise. Between the ranges of 60 to 120 seconds of constant exercise, beta alanine can decrease fatigue and also decrease the perceived rate of exertion. By including both beta alanine and creatine in MYPRE, a large spectrum of athletes can benefit from reduced fatigue and increased strength output! This is also the ingredient that is responsible for the harmless tingling effect on the fingertips and sometimes ears after consumption.

Citrulline & Arginine – these are both nitric oxide boosters/ vasodilators. What this means in simple terms is that by relaxing blood vessels and increasing the amount of nitrate in the bloodstream, more blood can reach the muscles during exercise. We want this because it will result in a greater pump as well as a quicker uptake of nutrients into the muscles for recovery. Like caffeine, you will feel these pump inducing products from the first time you take them.


Take Home Message

When it comes to energy supplements, Myprotein is unmatched in quality as well as price. With every ingredient having a purpose, MYAMINO BOOST, MYAMINO COMPLEX and MYPRE are some of the best products on the market today. If you haven’t given one of these products a try, you won’t regret your decision if you do!

Our articles should be used for informational and educational purposes only and are not intended to be taken as medical advice. If you’re concerned, consult a health professional before taking dietary supplements or introducing any major changes to your diet.

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