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Fight A Cold with these Immune-Boosting Supplements

Fight A Cold with these Immune-Boosting Supplements

Getting sick is inevitable sometimes but a lot of the time people don’t take care of themselves outside of drinking protein and pre-workout in order to be healthy. Longevity is something we tend to not think about a whole lot but the better we can take care of our body, the healthier lifestyle we’ll be able to live.

Along with eating a clean diet full of vitamins and minerals, these following supplements will help you beat some winter blues when you come down with a cold or other sickness. Give these a try, get to them quick and get back to training.

Green Tea Extract

Whether sipping on a mug of hot tea or taking in a tablet or powder, the benefits of supplementing with green tea when feeling a little down in the dumps are tremendous. Green tea is loaded with polyphenols that help in fighting infection within the body as well as protecting against future disease. Serving as a cleanser and protector of your blood cells, these antioxidants are incredibly beneficial in getting you back on your feet.

benefits of green tea

Besides just getting over the sickness itself, green tea also can help you feel better in general. Taking in daily doses of green tea – especially in the winter – has been studied numerous times with the oxidation of fat; this meaning that it can possibly help lead to improving fat burning process. With less overall body fat comes more energy on a day-to-day basis.

Green tea also contains a healthy amount of caffeine in each serving and it’s a completely natural way to get your caffeine fix. Besides just getting you past that 2 o’clock slump in the afternoon, caffeine helps improve overall physical performance – sometimes even making you feel better quicker.

Vitamin C

On of the greatest vitamins you can take in when feeling ill is vitamin C. Also a powerful antioxidant, vitamin C helps cure the most common colds with its ability to repair oxidative cells. Foods like citrus fruits (oranges, apples, kiwi, and although not a citrus, red peppers) will all contribute to you fighting off your infected body.

Appetite may be lost when you’re feeling sick, and many may not have time to consume all these extra calories and buy all of these fruits, so taking a vitamin C supplement (usually about 150% of your daily dosage suggested) will help to fight off your infection and help alleviate your sickness.


Probiotics are essentially good bacteria that help with just more than the digestion of the food you’re taking in. There are numbers of studies that have been done showing that taking in probiotics actually aids in the building a stronger immune system by increasing numbers that may be depleted when you’re sick. Good bacteria living in your digestive track is also a plus because it aids in eliminating the bad bacteria’s that could cause future infection or further your current sickness.

Researchers have also come out with prebiotics that will aid your digestive track in preventing sickness in general. You can find probiotics in a number of natural products on the market but primarily within dairy products. You can also supplement with probiotics in pill and powder form that are easily consumed in shakes or in other foods.

Vitamin D

One of the most widely known ways to get vitamin D into your body is through direct UV sun rays – sunshine does provide the body with a hormonal release that tends to show signs of better moods and less sickness. The amount of infection and sicknesses that float around during the year tend to stay about the same. However, with not near as much direct sun rays during the winter, it is harder for your body to get vitamin D and fight off illness.

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Supplementing with vitamin D through oral tablets or powder is the safest way to receive these nutrients. Researchers have shown that lying in a tanning bed to receive those UV rays actually has a negative impact on your body, usually leading to things like sun spots and skin cancer. Along with just feeling better, vitamin D also helps with nutrient absorption and the support of healthy bones and teeth.

Vitamin B6

Along with the previous vitamins, B6 also plays a crucial role in combating infection within the body and protecting the immune system. Also like the latter, vitamin B6 helps with the rebuilding of the broken down immune system from ailment. Not only this, it helps to improve metabolism by way of the conversion of protein into energy.

Although not technically classified as a sickness, eczema or dry skin also occurs within the winter months when moisture levels are lower in the air from lack of humidity. Supplementing with vitamin B6 through pills or tablets or eating foods rich in B6 like bananas, pistachios and dates will help with keeping your skin moist.


Zinc can help and even shorten a cold so is a great supplement for the immune system. Zinc is involved in many functions of the immune system, including protecting cells from stress, and is found in foods like seafood, beef, spinach – even chocolate and cocoa powder! If you’re feel you’re not getting enough, then supplementing with zinc is just one tablet daily.

Take-Home Message

The winter months can be daunting especially if you’re someone that’s prone to being sick. Do your body a favor and take care of it by eating as healthy as possible and supplementing when needed to provide yourself with the best support to your immune system as possible!

Our articles should be used for informational and educational purposes only and are not intended to be taken as medical advice. If you’re concerned, consult a health professional before taking dietary supplements or introducing any major changes to your diet.

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