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Choline Bitartrate | Benefits, Dosage And Side Effects

Choline Bitartrate is a wonder supplement with a long list of health benefits. Similar to vitamin B it is made in naturally in your liver and be brought into your diet from natural food sources such as liver and muscle meats as well as fish. Vegetarians, worry not, this miraculous nutrient can also be found in abundance in nuts, spinach, wheat grass, beans, peas and eggs.

What Is Choline Bitartrate?

Choline bitartrate is basically a salt form of choline, which is an essential nutrient. You’ll find choline in nearly all plants and animals. It is an ancient molecule and is part of the biochemistry of all living things.

There is more than one type of choline, but choline bitartrate is the easiest to produce, as well as the most stable form. Bitartrate is a chemical group that is added to choline, making it stable and available for metabolism in your body.

So what good is all of this to you and your health? Basically, choline a highly useful molecule, which massively contributes to the healthy functioning of your brain and bodily functions. Used by your body in several chemical reactions, it is an excellent anti-inflammatory, too, which can help with swelling and asthma symptoms.

Benefits Of Choline Bitartrate

One of the main benefits that comes to mind with choline bitartrate is, in fact, your mind itself. Here are some of the ways is it good for your brain.

Choline supplements are recommended, alongside dietary sources, due to choline’s Nootropic effects, which is not possible to get from food alone given its low concentration. Nootropics refer to cognitive enhancement and supplements that add to your creativity, memory and motivation.

For athletes and bodybuilders, choline bitartrate is very useful for warding off fatigue and helping your endurance capabilities during training.

Benefits For Your brain

A study on animals discovered that choline plays a major part in animals’ hippocampus development. Your hippocampus is the small organ in your brain’s medial temporal lobe. It is a prominent part of your limbic system, which regulates emotions. Your hippocampus is associated with memory, especially your long-term memories. The hippocampus also plays an important role in your spatial navigation.

Choline is essential for children’s memory development, and it is also recommended that pregnant women ensure they make choline a part of their dietary routine.

A study involving 1391 participants revealed choline’s beneficial impact on your cognitive performance, which is associated with lower rates of white-matter hyperintensity. This particularly applies to older people, who with a high choline diet can help prevent white-matter hyperintensity and therefore improve their memory.

Choline is a precursor for acetylcholine, known as the ‘learning transmitter’ in your brain, allowing it to function as it should. Acetylcholine is incredibly important in its role as it transmits signals across neurons. Acetylcholine is also a sort of stimulant for your brain, meaning it can provide you with more mental energy and keep you alert.

Choline Bitartrate Is A Powerful Anti-Inflammatory

Choline is a proven anti-inflammatory. Inflammation and its related symptoms and conditions are common and are caused by everything from your lifestyle, including booze and smoking, to stress from your job, and your diet.

Good For Healthy Hearts

Choline is known to battle heart disease due to its ability to reduce homocysteine, which is a hazardous by-product of your metabolism that can increase your risk of heart disease. High homocysteine levels often occur as a result of a lack of vitamin B12, B6, or folate.

Great Supplement For Post-Menopausal Women

Your estrogen hormone is vital for the production of choline. For women who have been through menopause, your estrogen levels are in short supply, which in turn results in less choline being naturally produced in your bodies. This makes choline bitartrate supplementation a good idea for keeping your brain and body functioning after menopause.

Side Effects Of Choline Bitartrate

Choline is considered safe for most adults, but there are known side effects of taking too much. These side effects include gastrointestinal discomfort, bowel issues such as diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting, sweaty and a change in the smell of your body odour. One study revealed that a high choline diet increased the risk of colon cancer in its female subjects, though it is believed more research is required on this theory.

Choline Bitartrate Doses

Taking higher doses of choline orally is considered potentially unsafe for some adults. As a general rule and for pregnant women, doses up to three grams for pregnant and breastfeeding women up to 18 years of age are advised per day. Doses of 3.5 grams daily are considered safe, and should not cause unwanted side effects for women aged above 19 years.


Our articles should be used for informational and educational purposes only and are not intended to be taken as medical advice. If you’re concerned, consult a health professional before taking dietary supplements or introducing any major changes to your diet.

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