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50 Best Fitness Gifts For Him & Her | Christmas Gifts 2018

In need of some inspiration for your favorite fitness fanatics this Christmas? We’ve got a guide to everything they could possibly want in their stocking or under the tree. Whether they enjoy pounding the pavements or the weights in the gym, find them the gifts they need to boost their performance.

Racing around a busy shopping mall at Christmas is time consuming and tiring – and you still might not find what you’re looking for. With specific products tailored to every sporting need, you can be sure that your gifts will bring a smile and some fitness goal smashing this season.

Here’s everything you can find in this handy Christmas gift guide for fitness lovers:

Christmas Specials

1. Christmas Limited Edition Impact Whey Protein in Chocolate *COMING SOON*

Jazz up their kitchen cupboards with our special edition Christmas packaging for Impact Whey Protein. Pick from Natural Chocolate, Strawberry Cream and Vanilla to give your loved one an added fitness boost and sparkle this season.

2. Christmas Limited Edition Impact Whey Protein in Strawberry Cream *COMING SOON*

3. Christmas Limited Edition Impact Whey Protein in Vanilla *COMING SOON*

Gym Gifts for Him

If his life revolves around the weights room, there’s only one way to make him happy this Christmas… You guessed it, fill his stocking with all things gym – here’s some ideas to get you started.


4. ½ Gallon Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is essential to reaching your goals, so make sure he drinks up while he’s in the gym with this ½ Gallon Water Bottle. No pausing for refills, this bottle holds enough to get him through a long and grueling session.

5. Metal Shaker

No need to be let down by cheap and breakable shakers. The Metal Shaker is lightweight, strong and reliable for the smoothest shake every time. With a secure screw-top lid that’s easy to keep clean, he’ll be using it every day to power up on protein.

6. THE Whey

If he’s serious about making gains, then he’ll need a serious protein powder to help get him there. THE Whey is made from the highest quality blend of whey protein, delivering 25g of protein, 3g of leucine and over 5g of naturally occurring glutamine per serving. It’s created using expert filtration systems and only the very best ingredients for amazing results.

7. THE Pre-Workout

If you don’t give everything to your workout, then you won’t get results. Ensure he’s ready to hit it hard every time, even in the toughest workout by taking on the fuel he needs. Containing an explosive blend of caffeine and creatine, they’ll be able to give it everything every single time.

8. Creatine

One of the most researched supplements out there, Creatine has been proven to boost gym performance in a number of ways. Help him to build muscle as he squeezes out those extra reps to put some power behind his workouts.

9. Dry Tech Infinity T-Shirt

This lightweight t-shirt will keep him cool no matter how hard the workout. Made from sweat-wicking material and antibacterial technology, he’ll be feeling fresh all the way through. The relaxed fit and raglan sleeves mean he’ll be comfortable as well as flexible as he pursues his goals.

10. Move Joggers

Whether he’s staying in or hitting the gym, the Move Joggers will keep him comfortable. Tapered for that streamlined look, with a soft touch, he’ll be on-trend and on target to smash his goals – ideal for that winter workout.

11. Performance Tank Top

What’s a gym-loving man without his tank top? We’ve upped the game to make it durable, flexible and perfect for pushing it to the next level. The lightweight, soft-touch fabric will keep him cool through the toughest of moves.

Gym Gifts for Her

Does she love to spend her free time surrounded by squat racks or taking on another grueling spin class? Then here’s some gifts to make gym-going girl incredibly happy this Christmas…


12. Training Gloves

The must-have gift for any girl who loves to lift, training gloves will help her grip the bar, so she can lift harder and be stronger. With a snug and supportive fit that’s padded in all the right places, these gloves will help her improve her grip and add extra support to her wrists.

13. Active Women Metal Shaker

Help her to keep up optimum nutrition with a sleek and sturdy metal shaker. Made from stainless steel and with a screw-on lid, it’s easy to mix up a smooth shake without any spills.

14. FlavDrops

Give them the natural zero-calorie flavoring that’ll transform their food. Coming in a huge variety of flavors, they’ll never have a boring bowl of oats again. For those watching the calories, this is the perfect addition to breakfast, mid-morning coffees and delicious desserts.

15. Impact Whey Isolate

This superior-quality blend is packed with 22g of protein per serving and has been certified as one of the best protein supplements for quality and value by Labdoor. With a 90% protein content, 0g of fat and less than 2g of carbs, help her meet her protein quota in a healthy and convenient way. Perfect for post-gym recovery and coming in plenty of indulgent flavors, it’s a gift she’ll definitely thank you for.

16. Thermopure

Does she need a little boost to get her out of bed and into the gym? Thermopure is a powerful formula designed for pushing their workouts to the next level. It’s an energizing blend of caffeine, green tea and black pepper extracts for everyday wellbeing and cayenne pepper to support weight loss goals – this will get her through the toughest of leg days.

17. Inspire Seamless Sports Bra

Give her the gift of style and support while she pursues her fitness goals. The Inspire Seamless Sports Bra is made from cool sweat-wicking fabric that’s soft to the touch for ultimate comfort. The flattering double-layer back detail means she can look and feel her best as she works out.

18. Shape Seamless Leggings

These smooth and form-fitting leggings will move with her through her workout. The unique knit technology means improved airflow as well as an incredibly flattering finish. Pair with the Shape Seamless Crop Top and Sports Bra for a look she’ll always want to wear.

19. Power Mesh Leggings

Give her the joy of beautifully engineered leggings that sculpt and support like no other this Christmas. The sheer mesh panels will keep her cool and her phone secure, so she can push her workouts to the limit without being held back. Pair with the Power Mesh Crop Top and Sports Bra for a gym look like no other.

Looking for a specific sport?


Gifts for Cyclists

If they’re spending more time on two wheels than two legs, then it’s a sure sign to fill their stocking with all things bike this Christmas. Unsure where to start with the world of cycling? Help them improve their strength and stamina with some of these supplements.


20. THE Pre-Workout

A pre-workout is the perfect blend of energizing nutrients to power them up for the ultimate ride. With 150mg of caffeine per serving as well as creatine, they’ll be able to push harder and faster without stopping for that espresso.

21. Thermopure

Do they need a boost before taking to the saddle? Thermopure is a simple and effective way to re-energize their ride without the hassle of hot drinks and the calories and sugar of energy drinks.

22. BCAAs

Keep those muscles supplied with muscle-building nutrients before, during and after a ride with BCAAs. Branched chain amino acids are essential for building muscles and can be consumed in a handy shake whenever you think you need a protein boost. Forming such a light drink means they’re perfect for consuming mid-ride. For an extra-special Christmas gift, try Prosecco BCAAs.

23. THE Whey

Upgrade their muscle recovery for the next ride with THE Whey. The ultra-premium whey blend contains 25g of protein per serving as well as an expertly developed blend of enzymes to break down the protein into amino acids – the building blocks for muscle.

Gifts for Personal Trainers

Being a personal trainer is – unsurprisingly – a pretty physically demanding job, but also involves lots of planning, creativity and, most importantly, practicing what they preach. So, here’s some gifts to support their own goals as well as their clients’.


24. Metal Shaker

Help them recover from a hard day’s training with a perfectly smooth protein shake. The Metal Shaker is robust enough to be knocked about in their kit bag, but also tightly seals to shake up without a spillage.

25. THE Pre-Workout

Working long hours working on other people’s goals can mean squeezing in their own workouts in the wearying late and early hours. Give them the ultimate boost with THE Pre-Workout. A supplement that will give them all the energy they need and more. With a blend of caffeine and creatine, they’ll be on top form to provide themselves and their clients with an awesome workout.

26. Hand Towel

A necessary addition to every PT’s kit bag, he’s sure to break a sweat as he pushes his clients to their limits. This soft-touch embossed hand towel is the perfect portable size, whether he’s leading an outdoor boot camp or running a tough session in the gym.

27. THE Whey

Any PT will know the importance of recovery. THE Whey is the top quality protein blend that will get it right every time. With the highest-quality blend of protein that’s also incredibly low in fat, sugar and carbs, this will be their favorite protein powder. The delicious shakes will provide your PT with the nutrients they need to come back stronger every time.

28. Pro-Tech Protect Puffer Jacket

Do they spend time outside, waiting on clients to finish another lap of the park? Treat them to a warm Pro-Tech Protect Puffer Jacket for him and her to keep out the cold this winter. The shower-proof finish will shield them from the elements, while the super-warm insulation will be something they’ll thank you for.

29. Performance Long Sleeve T-Shirt

A PT’s dream – comfortable gym kit that’s also practical. Bring in the Performance Range. The lightweight stretch material will keep them cool and flexible through their client’s workouts as well as their own. Check out more from the Performance Range here.

Gifts for Swimmers

Do they love to do a few lengths to start or end their day? It’s a great sport for improving muscle definition and strength while also improving cardio fitness, so encourage them to keep it up with some great gifts for swimmers.


30. Barrel Bag

The ultimate bag to fit in all their kit. The spacious interior is plenty to fit a towel, change of clothes and post-swim snack. With a dual handle for easy carrying and Velcro side pockets for those all-important accessories, they’ll be all set for swimming.

31. Large Towel

A must-have for any swimmer, this large towel means that they can dry off in style. Embossed with the Myprotein logo and made from 100% soft-touch cotton, they can feel cosy and warm post-swim with a towel that can be easily stashed in a kit bag.

32. Thermopure

Do they need that extra boost before they dive in? Each Thermopure tablet is packed with 150mg of caffeine for a convenient way to boost their performance. Caffeine has been proven to improve concentration, as well as endurance performance, making it the perfect partner for a good swim.

33. Forever Warm Cape Hoodie

Keep them cozy after they get out of the pool with the Forever Warm Cape Hoodie. The flattering pleats, super-soft fabric and three-piece hood will leave them feeling stylish and incredibly comfortable as they recover from a long swim.

34. Impact Whey Protein

Nothing is more important that refueling after a few dozen lengths. A protein shake is a quick, convenient, and effective way to make sure their muscles get the nutrients they need post-workout.

Impact Whey Protein is packed with 18g of protein, is incredibly low in sugar, and also certified by Labdoor as one of the best protein supplements for quality and value, so you can be sure that they’re only getting the very best.

Gifts for Weightlifters

Anyone who knows a weightlifter will know that it’s a way of life, not just a sport. They spend hours toiling away under heavy weights, so make sure that they’re kitted out with the very best for the ultimate results.


35. Pro Training Lifting Gloves

Are they tired of their meal prep rolling around in their gym bag, or do they struggle to fit it all in a normal bag for work? This is the ultimate meal prep present. This bag stores up to 3 main meals, keeping them fresh and cool for up to 8 hours. It comes with 3 BPA-free containers as well as a removable top compartment for all their supplements and snacks.

36. Leather Dipping Belt

Can they easily power through a set of pull ups? Help them to challenge themselves with a durable belt that can hold up to 220lbs. This belt is made from high-quality leather, and is suitable for anyone looking to add weight when doing pullups or dips.

37. Wrist wraps

Reduce their risk of injury by making sure that their wrists get the support they need. Made from durable cotton, these wrist wraps are fully adjustable, fastening with a strong Velcro grip for ultimate support.

38. Lifting hooks

Help them to give their hands a break with these super-durable lifting hooks. From deadlifts to pull-ups, these hooks mean that grip strength won’t hold them back from the bigger lifts or higher rep rate.

39. Extreme Gainer Blend

Are they trying to make the most of bulking this season, but struggling to make up the mass? Give them the ultimate post-workout present in the form of THE Gainer. Packed with protein, carbohydrates and essential fats, this is an ideal addition to knock up their calorie count in a healthy, balanced way.

40. Creatine

Are they looking to squeeze out an extra rep all in the name of building muscle mass? Then this is the supplement to slip into their stocking. Proven to improve physical performance, which will help to build muscle, creatine is a weightlifting must have.

Gifts for Football Players

Want to do more than cheer them on from the side-lines? Gift them a gift that will improve their training and game performance this season. Football is a tough endurance sport, which also requires explosive energy for sprints, kicks and tackles, so we’ve got everything they need to smash this season.


41. Backpack

There’s nothing like a post-match muscle roll for recovery. Help them prepare their muscles for the next training session with an easy way to work through the muscle soreness. This light foam roller can be used anywhere to get those legs ready for the next match.

42. Essential Amino Acids

Branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) are the building blocks of strong muscles, so help them keep it up before, during and after a match by sipping on this supplement. With zero fat or carbohydrates, it makes a light pre-match drink to provide the muscles with what they need to stay strong.

43. Compression Tights and Shorts

Designed specifically to deliver muscle pressure to improve circulation, Charge Compression Tights and Shorts are ideal for wearing underneath your kit for ultimate support. The flatlock seams and super-cool mesh panels provide comfort and breathability, so that they can concentrate on improving performance. Check out the Charge Compression Long-Sleeve Top for the ultimate outdoor training gear.

44. THE Whey

Serious players need a pro-level protein supplement to boost muscle recovery and maintenance. This is a high-quality protein blend that’s also incredibly lean in terms of fat and sugar content. So, they can continue to make clean gains and stronger tackles.

45. THE Pre-Workout

Give them an energy boost that will last the entire match – they can completely forget about that mid-match dip. The 150mg of caffeine means that they’ll continue to feel in the zone and ready to sprint and tackle hard right until the final whistle.

Gifts for Runners

Will they be out pounding the pavements, even if we have a “White Christmas”? Give your hard-core runner kit that they’ll love for a Christmas gift that you know will be used over and over.


46. Running armband

Allow them to take their music with them when they go out running. This armband has a fully adjustable strap and is made from neoprene for a smoother movement feel. It sits close to the skin, with an added key compartment so that they can come and go as they please.

47. Soy Protein Isolate

If they’re running far and wide, then they’ll no doubt need a good protein source for ultimate muscle recovery. Treat them to Soy Protein Isolate for a lean blend that’s packed with all the protein they need to get back out on the road or track. With 26g of protein per serving from defatted soy beans, this is an incredibly low-fat and sugar protein source that’s also completely vegan.

48. Boost Therma Top and Power Shorts

Give them the kit they need to get them through those cold early-morning or late-night runs. The quarter-zip top is warm, yet breathable to keep them on form for the toughest miles. It also features reflective detailing to keep them seen on the road. The power shorts are made up of two layers, for a breathability and ease of movement.

49. Luxe Elite Jacket and Leggings

Gift them with a sleek and stylish running kit to get them through those cold winter runs. The Luxe Elite Jacket features thumbholes and a high neck to keep that brisk winter wind out. The sculpted fit is both flattering and streamlined to keep them on track for their fast mile.

The Leggings really go the extra mile, with double layer paneling and hidden power mesh to sculpt and allow for airflow. Both have reflective features for keeping them safe.

50. Thermopure

If they need an extra boost to get them out of bed and tying up their trainers, then Thermopure could be the answer. Containing caffeine to improve performance and alertness, Thermopure also boasts B vitamins to reduce tiredness and fatigue.

Take Home Message

With so many great gifts for fitness lovers, you’ll be spoilt for choice for what to get them this Christmas. Whether they spend hours in the gym, pool, under weights or on the road, it’s never been easier to fill their stockings.



Our articles should be used for informational and educational purposes only and are not intended to be taken as medical advice. If you’re concerned, consult a health professional before taking dietary supplements or introducing any major changes to your diet.

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