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5-HTP | Benefits, Dosage & Side Effects

5-HTP | Benefits, Dosage & Side Effects

5-Hydroxytryptophan, commonly abbreviated as 5-HTP, is a naturally occurring amino acid involved in the conversion of serotonin in the brain. Though it is most commonly used to aid the treatment of depression in individuals who suffer from decreased serotonin levels, 5-HTP can also do wonders for those seeking to lose weight and those who have trouble with sleep.

Benefits of 5-HTP

The main benefit of 5-HTP is to increase in the levels of serotonin within the brain. After taking the supplement, the increased levels of serotonin lead to feelings of euphoria and happiness. Though it is marketed mainly as an antidepressant, 5-HTP is also extremely effective in appetite suppression and weight loss, not to mention it is also a natural sleep aid. Clinical studies have shown that 5-HTP not only reduces an individual’s appetite, but it also causes a noticeable reduction in caloric intake throughout the day.  These studies have proven 5-HTP as an effective weight loss treatment in certain individuals, as patients within the studies reduced their bodyweight significantly due to a voluntary decrease in daily energy intake. Furthermore, studies show that 5-HTP does more than just decreases appetite by increasing satiety and promoting feelings of fullness and happiness. Through taking 5-HTP, you will not feel as deprived or hungry, while being able to shed weight with ease. With regards to 5-HTP and its use as a sleep aid, one study has shown that 5-HTP helps to reduce the time taken to fall asleep, decreases sleep latency, and increases the duration and quality of sleep.

The bottom line is that 5-HTP is an inexpensive yet safe supplement that can provide a variety of benefits for anyone looking to improve their health. 5-HTP can help to improve mood and happiness for those coping with hardships, increase satiety and decrease appetite for those looking to manage their weight, and improve sleep and recovery for those who struggle to get their much needed rest.

Side Effects of 5-HTP

Currently, the only main side effect known to be associated with 5-HTP is nausea, though it was only reported in a few cases. Due to the lack of studies done on its adverse effects, it is unclear what other possible side effects there are.

Dosage of 5-HTP

The common dosage for 5-HTP is 200mg per day, either taken once or twice a day, either in the morning or at night.

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