spring break workout

Get ready for Spring Break with Myprotein’s 30 Day 10-Minute Workout Plan!

spring break workout

Have a spare 10 minutes per day in the run up to Spring Break? All you need is your own bodyweight and the commitment to follow these short circuits by Myprotein writer Cassie Burns for the 30 days leading up to Spring Break. Adding in high-intensity interval training around the workout will make a big difference to fat loss, and don’t forget to follow a nutrition plan to suit your goals, whether that be IIFYM, Intermittent Fasting or a low-carb diet.

Click the days below to get your circuit to get beach-ready this Spring Break. Working out every day might get tough, but stick with it – each day works a different part of your body, so although you’ll be working hard, you won’t be fatiguing any muscle groups.

It’ll all be worth it when you can relax and let your hair down this Spring Break and enjoy time away from college!

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spring break workout schedule

Click here for your printable workout calendar!