Summer Berry Waffles

Support your fitness goals and your taste buds with these utterly delicious waffles. High in protein, low in sugar and packed with your favorite fruits!




✓ 1 scoop Active Women Vegan Blend 
✓ 6 tbsp oats
✓ 4 tbsp almond milk
✓ 1/2 ripe banana
✓ 1 whole egg
✓ 1 tsp baking powder


#1 Pop all of the ingredients into your blender and blend until smooth and creamy

#2 Preheat your waffle maker and brush with coconut oil or cooking spray

#3 Once the waffle maker is ready, pour in your mixture and allow to cook. The time may vary depending on your machine, but this usually takes around 2 minutes

#4 Carefully remove your waffles and add toppings of choice

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Charlotte Roberts

Charlotte Roberts

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