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Healthy Snacks | Quinoa Cheese Bites

If you’re bored of eating quinoa the same way everyday here’s something different to try…

Our Quinoa Cheese Bites fried in coconut oil only needs 3 ingredients and after you have tucked into these there is no going back to throwing it over a salad!




– 3.5 oz Quinoa

– 2 0z  Reduced Fat Mature Cheddar (Grated)

– 1 oz Coconut Oil




a) Once you have cooked your quinoa (if you have bought precooked – heat it up) while still warm mix together with your grated cheese scoop into ball shapes and leave in the fridge to set hard


b) To a hot frying pan add the coconut oil and allow to melt, place the hard cheese balls into the pan then turn down the heat to medium, let the bites become brown on one side before turning until all sides are golden brown.


Note: Do not turn the balls over until they form a good golden crust on one side this ensures they won’t crumble in the pan

They can be served warm or cold!




7 servings Per serving:


Calories: 67

Protein: 3g

Fat: 5g

Carbs: 3g


… Enjoy!



Healthy Snacks | Quinoa Cheese Bites



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