Healthy Dessert Recipes | Protein Jello

Healthy Dessert Recipes | Protein Jello

You’ve probably heard of BCAA jello using plain gelatin – well, you can give your protein shakes the same makeover and make yourself a healthy dessert! This occurred to me a couple months ago and, after a little researching online for tips before I tried, I got thoroughly addicted and did not blend a single shake for literal weeks.

protein jelloProtein jello is a great way to keep your protein intake high whilst getting a nice, sweet dessert. You can make yourself a big bowl of jello to keep you going for a number of days. Of course, don’t count on it for all your whey protein intake but see it as a variety on your intake to keep your levels topped up.

Ingredients You Will Need

✔ Flavored liquid – this could be juice, flavored tea or a combination
Protein powder
✔ Gelatin
✔ Anything in addition – creatine, seeds, fruit etc.

Protein Jello Recipe


1.      Measure out your liquid – I find about a shaker cup & a half for each packet of gelatin makes a good BIG bowl. I like to use about a quarter to a third of lemon juice & the rest cold fruit-flavored tea I keep brewed in the fridge.
2.     Pour 4/5 of it into a pan on the stove & leave about 1/5 so you can blend your protein separately.
3.     Put that last bit, a serving or two of protein & all desired flavorings in your blender & hit it for long enough to blend thoroughly. Then pour it in your bowl & let the foam settle so you have room for the rest in a few minutes.
4.     Turn the heat on under your pan with the majority of the liquid.
5.     When it’s almost hot, sprinkle a packet of gelatin evenly across the surface of the protein mixture in your bowl & let it start to set – don’t stir yet!
6.     Turn the heat off your other liquid once it starts to boil & pour it into your bowl while mixing with a spoon.
7.     Stir thoroughly, then let it cool for a bit on the counter before putting in the fridge to set – this is a refrigerator-energy tip for all hot things.




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