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How To Make Protein Pizza

How To Make Protein Pizza

Are you bored of chicken and rice? Then why not try our Protein Pizza recipe! Unlike grocery store pizza’s, our protein pizza won’t ruin your macros.

You can have this for lunch, dinner or if there’s any slices left over, you can have them as a snack hot or cold. Give the recipe a go and let us know how you get on by tagging the Myprotein US Instagram account in your posts – @myproteinus

protein pizza

Why is Protein Important?

If your aim is to increase muscle mass and strength, then eating enough protein is very, very important! You should be consuming 1 g of protein for every lb of your bodyweight. Sometimes it is difficult to consume enough protein from food alone, and this is where supplements can really help your progress.

Why not try:

? Impact Whey Protein

This really should be your go-to supplement if you’re struggling to consume enough protein. Each serving provides 21 g of whey protein, which is absorbed quickly by the body to enhance muscle recovery and growth.

? Micellar Casein

When you go to sleep you cannot eat and this means your body goes an extended period of time without consuming protein. This can hinder muscle recovery and subsequent growth. Casein is known as the ‘bedtime protein’ because it is absorbed slowly over an extended period of time to provide your body with the right nutrients to help your muscles grow.

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