Healthy Snack Recipe | My Bar Zero Cookies

Healthy Snack Recipe | My Bar Zero Cookies

Make protein bars more fun by baking them into cookies! You can prepare these guilt free cookies in less than 10 minutes!


✓ 2 My Zero Bars (flavor of your choice)

Frosting (optional)

healthy snack recipe


 1. unwrap bars and place on a microwave safe plate

2. Microwave for approximately 10 seconds (depending on the powder of your microwave)

3. Cut each bar into 3 equal parts

4. Mold into cookie shape

5. Place cookies on a cookie sheet (use baking mat or parchment paper)

6. Bake at 350 F for 6-8 minutes

7. Let them cool

8. Eat plain or top with frosting and sprinkles

*Frosting options: Fat free cream cheese, Greek yogurt mixed with Vanilla Impact Whey and ready made frosting

healthy snack recipe


192 calories | 20 g protein | 5.6 g fat | 3 g carbs

*Marcos are based on 3 cookies (1 bar) and vary based on the flavor used

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