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Have A Healthy Pancake Day! | Spinach Pancakes

Have A Healthy Pancake Day! | Spinach Pancakes

If you are a fitness enthusiast then you may be thinking you can’t join in the Pancake Day festivities, but you can! Try out these healthy, but still delicious, Spinach Pancakes!


1 scoop Myprotein Vanilla Impact Whey

1/2 cup canned spinach (4oz / 115g)

3 T egg substitute (46ml)

? 3 T unsweetened almond milk (46ml)

2 T coconut flour

1 t baking powder

? Pinch of salt

*T = Tablespoon, t = teaspoon


 1. Drain spinach – be sure to get out as much liquid as possible

 2. Puree spinach, egg, and milk

 3. Stir in protein, coconut flour, baking powder, and salt

 4. Cook on low to medium heat

Note: For a savory stack try using unflavored whey and add your favorite spices and finely chopped veggies. Top with shredded cheese!



220 calories | 30 g protein | 7 g fat | 14 g carbs

*Macros for 1 stack

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