Healthy Dessert Recipe | Extremely Simple Protein Lava Cake  

Healthy Dessert Recipe | Extremely Simple Protein Lava Cake   


Let me preface this by saying, if I say any cooked food involving protein powder is good, then this is really good!

Sometimes protein powder recipes can be a bit of a disappointment in terms of taste, smell, number of ingredients and also the rarity of some ingredients. I’m also a lazy yet creative cook so you can bet that you haven’t thought of any of these little recipes and they are certainly unique to The Zone.


Essential Ingredients – protein powder, sweetener, water

Additional Ingredients – coffee, cream of tartar


> You will need one oven-safe bowl for this




 1. Set your oven to broil, spray your bowl with cooking spray, & mix any flavor protein powder you want with a little water at a time plus sweetener of choice until it’s a pudding consistency – be thorough, get rid of all the chunks! You can throw in some thickener such as cream of tartar too. I used strawberry protein the first few times & I just recently tried chocolate since I now have a shelf full of Olympia samples to play with.

20160913_224918Upgrade: try using coffee instead of water for non-fruit flavors

2. Generously sprinkle more sweetener on the top – this is essential, it browns beautifully, accelerating the process on the outside so the inside can stay “lava,” & signals when it’s ready to take out.

3. Put it in the oven & let it broil for just a couple minutes – do not leave it alone.

4. As soon as the top thoroughly browns & starts to rise up a little, it’s done. Take it out, let it set for about a minute, then stick a spoon in – it should be cakey on the surface & edges but still gooey inside. I like to chop it up a little so it’s gooey throughout.


Enjoy this highly simple, yet thoroughly taster snack!


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