Healthy Breakfast Smoothie Recipe

Healthy Breakfast Smoothie Recipe

Start the New Year mornings off right with this healthy breakfast smoothie!

This smoothie has a thick, filling consistency and a creamy iced-banana flavor. It’s an ideal breakfast on-the-go and a good use of older fridge stock – you could add all ingredients to a food bag and freeze for a later date.

Healthy Breakfast Smoothie Ingredients

1 medium banana

¼ avocado

2 handfuls of spinach

200ml almond milk

Healthy Breakfast Smoothie Recipe

Take the bag of pre-measured ingredients from the freezer and pour into a blender

Add the almond milk and 100ml of water

Blitz until smooth – more water may need adding to get the consistency you prefer

Then pour and enjoy!

Macros for one serving

Calories: 200

Fat: 8g

Carbs: 28g

Protein: 7g

Sugar: 12g




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