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Beat The Chill & Stay At Home To Workout

Beat The Chill & Stay At Home To Workout

With inclement weather on the rise, you might not be able to physically make it to the gym due to road conditions or – even worse – the gym may have to close for the day. For many, this will be an awesome time to take a rest day. For the strong, this will be the perfect time to get a leg up on their competition and workout at home while the rest of your community is sleeping in or chilling at home!

Follow this full body routine to super charge your body, blast some fat and build some muscle this winter.

Exercise #1: Squat Variations

We’ll start off this at-home workout with the most basic leg exercise known to man – the squat. Although you may not have the luxury of getting into a squat rack, these variations of squats will absolutely blitz your quads. Starting with the traditional bodyweight squat, we’ll include a giant set of squat jumps and sumo squats. Your legs will be pumped after the first set, but you’ll soon be torching fat and building muscle.at home workout

  • Starting with squats, take a shoulder width stance and squat down and up on 2:2 cadence
  • After completing those, start directly into jump squats
  • Squatting down to about 90 degrees, explode out of the hole, jumping as high as possible
  • Following the squat jumps, start right into the sumo squats
  • For the sumo squat, take a wide stance with toes slightly pointing out and squat down and up as quickly as possible for a deep burn

Sets and Reps: 4 X 10 on each exercise – no rest between the three exercises but then 30 seconds at end of set

Top Tip: Don’t take it easy on this first exercise because you know you’ll have more to do. Squats work more than just your legs: your core, lumbar and spinal erectors are all getting worked and are extremely beneficial in building a balanced physique.

Exercise #2: Banded Push-ups/Banded Rows

This next exercise will be a superset for your back and chest that will blitz them to the max! Forewarning though, if you don’t have a sturdy pole or anything in your basement you’ll need to find a big tree outside, so bundle up and get to work.

resistance band workout

  • For the push-ups, put band around your back and place each hand in end of the loop on each end.
  • As you go down for the push-up you will experience less tension but when you press up the tension will be greater as you get to the top of the movement – crazy pump!
  • For the rows, wrap the band around a tree that can support some weight and take a two hand underhand grip at the other end.
  • Bend your knees slightly and pull straight back by retracting the shoulder blades first feeling the pull through your lats and middle traps.

Sets and Reps: 4 x 10-12

Top Tip: Want to get more of a cardiovascular workout here? Instead of resting for 45-60 seconds between sets, throw in 30-45 seconds of jumping jacks and then head straight back into your working sets.

Exercise #3: Shoulder “50”

Shoulders may be something you’re not prone to working out at home because maybe you don’t have a barbell for shoulder press or heavy dumbbells. No need for this exercise. We’ll combine 5 exercises into 1 giant set that will create some intense blood flow and burn in all three heads of the shoulder. Try this on for size next time you’re snowed in!at home workout

  • DB Side Lateral Raise
  • DB Rear Raises
  • DB Front Raises
  • DB Upright Rows
  • DB Shoulder Press

Sets and Reps: 3 x 10 (these are all performed back to back with no rest until you are done with the DB Shoulder Press)

Top Tip: Use the same DB weight for all these exercises; that way you can move quicker through the movements. It may feel too light for the first couple exercises but it’ll start burning – just push through it!

Exercise #4: Banded Curls/Chair Dips

To finish off this full-body workout we need to smash some arms at the end! You’ve still got some fuel left in the tank and especially for blasting some biceps and triceps. Feel the squeeze and contraction of these last movements and make your arms absolutely numb with the amount of blood flow!

at home workout

  • Start off with the banded curls – place a band underneath your feet and start with your hands straight down to your side with each end of band in your hands.
  • Curl the band straight up and straight down, keeping your shoulders back and not involved in the movement.
  • For the dips, find a sturdy chair and place hand shoulder width apart on the seat.
  • Have feet straight out in front of you and lower your body to where your elbow is at 90 degrees then press back up.

Sets and Reps: 4 x 10-12

Top Tip: You can increase the resistance on the curls by lessening the length of the band to make it a little harder. If you find the dips too easy to perform in the 10-12 rep range, try putting your feet up on a chair to increase the resistance by adjusting your body angle.

Take-Home Message

Although you may not get the workout of your life at home, you can still get in a great workout that will help you burn calories and build some lean muscle. Don’t let the gym being closed be an excuse not to get a workout in- find a way to not take another rest day and get your workout done!

Tyler Stark

Tyler Stark

Writer and expert

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