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Before-Bed Pudding | Strawberry Casein with Nuts & Chia

Before-Bed Pudding | Strawberry Casein with Nuts & Chia

This deliciously silky smooth dessert is a healthy take on Jell-O pudding, and is perfect to eat just before bed, as casein is a source of slow-release protein. This will keep catabolism at bay during the night.

This bedtime snack can be eaten as an indulgent treat without throwing your dietary guidelines out the window.

You will need:



Before Bed Casein Pudding Recipe

Pour the coconut milk in your Myprotein shaker

Add 2 scoops of casein and shake well

Add 50ml-100ml of water or milk and shake again

Pour into a bowl to allow to set

Once thickened sprinkle with the topping and serve

before bed casein pudding

Macros for one serving

Calories: 325

Protein: 41g

Fat: 14g

Sugar: 2g

Carbs: 11g




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