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Mother’s Day Truffles | Deliciously High In Protein

Bake your mom something special this Mother’s Day. Nothing says love like homemade, so why not make these melt-in-mouth chocolate truffles. Delicious, guilt-free chocolates with added protein.

mothers day truffles

Created by Charlotte Helena


For the Chocolate Coating:

mothers day truffles


#1 Place the cashew nuts into a food processor and blitz these on their own for a few seconds until slightly broken down and crumbly.

#2 Add in the remaining ingredients and blend until well combined.

#3 Roll the mixture into balls and pop them into the fridge for an hour to set.

#4 Melt the raw chocolate and coconut oil and dip each of the balls into the chocolate to completely coat them.

#5 Place these back into the fridge for a few hours- or until the chocolate has solidified.


Calories: 104        Protein: 3 g          Fat: 7 g          Carbs: 8 g               


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Mother’s Day Truffles | Deliciously High In Protein

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