What To Eat In A Sports Bar

What To Eat In A Sports Bar

Headed out with some friends to watch the big game? Whether it is the Super Bowl, March Madness, or whatever is in season, sports bars are a very popular venue. However, the “sports bar diet” can quickly derail your fitness and health goals if you aren’t careful.

That is not to say that you cannot eat there, but you have to be smart about what you choose. Follow these simple guidelines to enjoy the big game, while sticking to your healthy lifestyle!

Stick To The Basics

One of the most important things to do when eating out in general is sticking to the basics. This is especially true when eating at a bar, a place in which everything seems to be deep fried, smothered in cheese, or dripping with grease. And while these may sound delicious, they can be devastating to your waistline.

what to eat in a sports bar

Instead of opting with one of these options, stick to something simple, like a plain hamburger or a grilled chicken sandwich. These options are fully customizable and great sources of protein, which will help keep you full.

Skip the Unnecessary Toppings

Cheese, mayonnaise, ketchup, honey mustard, bacon, and guacamole are all delicious on a sandwich, but add an absurd amount of fat and calories to your meal. Ditch these and opt for regular yellow mustard, or just top with the classic duo of lettuce and tomato. If you are looking to do away with even more carbohydrates and calories, then take off half the bun and eat it as an open faced sandwich.

Load Up On Vegetables

what to eat in a sports bar

While French fries may seem to complement your burger perfectly, they can quickly add 500 plus calories to your meal. Instead, ask for a side of vegetables, or even a side salad. These will keep you eating, while simultaneously providing you with valuable micronutrients.

Watch What You Drink

There is certainly nothing wrong with having a beer with your meal, if you are of age, of course. But it is important to keep it under control, and know that each beer will be adding around 100 to 150 calories. Just make shy away from sodas and mixed drinks, which are full of added sugar and can equal 200 calories per drink.

Example Meals


  • Hamburger with lettuce and tomato and a side salad
  • Grilled chicken sandwich with lettuce & tomato and a baked potato
  • Chilli, with cheese and sour cream on the side

What To Avoid

If you want to shy away from this list, just be sure to avoid some of these high fat options with little nutritional value.

what to eat in a sports bar

  • Fried anything
  • Anything “loaded” with cheese, sour cream, and bacon, like nachos and potato skins
  • Buffalo wings with ranch sauce

Take-Home Message

Eating out with your friends doesn’t have to mean cheating on your diet. Follow these tips and enjoy living your healthy lifestyle!

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