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Using Coffee As Your Pre-Workout Drink

It’s finally that time to work out again! The glorious chest day has arrived. Today is the day you are setting that long awaiting PR that has been lurking in your dreams. The only thing needed to achieve this workout is just a few heaping scoops of your favorite pre-workout. Uh oh, the tub feels light. You open it, praying for some left. None. You put water in the pre-workout tub and shake it with all your might just hoping to get at least half a scoop of the residue scattered on the edges of the container. You drink it, but it is just not the same. Sadness passes over you…what will you ever do now? Is there an alternative to pre-workout powder?



Coffee As Pre-Workout?

Having a reliable pre-workout is great to have around the house and is definitely a tool to help you reach your goals in the gym. Is pre-workout the only drink to get you through your workout? Well no, so let’s introduce the infamous staying awake drink: coffee.

We have all seen our parents and co-workers hover around the coffee machine and have witnessed people queuing at coffee shops. What is it about this drink that gives you energy?

? Caffeine

Pre-workouts are known for that caffeine kick that can boost your energy at any time of the day. Looking at coffee, a standard cup on average will contain about 80mg of caffeine depending on the brand. Most pre-workouts can have anywhere from 100mg to 400mg of caffeine. It is important to keep in mind that 200mg of caffeine should be way more than enough, so two cups of coffee can easily give you the caffeine boost to put you on a great energy level.

Just remember, brewing your coffee, buying it premade, or using instant coffee will all result in different caffeine limits. See how you feel about different types of coffee and different quantities, and find out what best suits you. Remember that if you don’t like your coffee strong you can dilute it with water or by adding milk.

? Be Aware of Your Coffee

A lot of coffee drinks, especially from coffee shops and grocery stores, contain a lot of sugar and fat. Added sweeteners or milk can enhance and improve the taste of coffee, but just be aware of the potential health risks of ingesting excessive amounts of fats and sugars. It is best to stick to regular black coffee or espresso shots for the fewest calories, but if it is too bitter, simply limit the extra flavoring you put in it or add a low-calorie sweetener instead.

To those coffee amateurs, decaff means very low to no caffeine. Remember, to gain the full caffeinated effects of coffee, avoid decaff and stick to coffee with a good amount of caffeine.

Benefits of Drinking Coffee Pre Workout

Caffeine is a stimulate that gives you more energy and increases your focus in whatever you are doing. Coffee can help you to engage better with the task at hand and help you to not get distracted.

With the increased of focus and energy, you will be able to have the mental and physical energy to workout harder and longer. Caffeine will definitely give you the kick you need to step up your game in the gym.

? Weight Loss
There is a reason why caffeine is incorporated into almost every fat burner or weight loss product on the market. Caffeine suppresses your appetite and speeds up your metabolism which in the end can aid in weight loss.

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Negative Caffeine Side Effects

? Increased Heart Rate
Caffeine can increase your heart rate and can exhaust you quickly if you are not careful. Simply monitor your caffeine consumption and slow things down if your heart rate goes too out of control.

? Anxiety
Too much caffeine can lead to anxiety, especially for people who have a low tolerance for it. If you begin to become anxious at the level of caffeine you are consuming, make sure to reduce the amount next time.

? Trouble Sleeping 
Caffeine gives you energy, makes you focus, and wakes you up. Therefore, it can have a very negative effect on your sleeping schedule. Try to avoid consuming coffee around when you normally go to sleep.


Coffee is a great drink to have before your workout to increase performance, focus, energy, and weight loss. If you are on the go and need something quick to do the job, coffee is definitely an effective way to keep up with your health and gym goals. Sit back, enjoy your steamy coffee, and prepare to have a great workout!


Our articles should be used for informational and educational purposes only and are not intended to be taken as medical advice. If you’re concerned, consult a health professional before taking dietary supplements or introducing any major changes to your diet.

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