Top Hacks To Help You Enjoy Eating Healthy

One of the top excuses for avoiding or breaking a nutritional plan is lack of enjoyment. As humans, we naturally find it easier to do something if it appeals to us and makes us feel good. Unfortunately, a badly executed nutritional plan can feel boring, plain or difficult to follow.

But not anymore! Here are my top hacks to help you enjoy your healthy diet just as much as you love the results.

Take Time To Appreciate What You’re Eating

When you’re busy, it’s easy to eat mindlessly. Whether you eat at your desk at work to meet a deadline, have your dinner in front of the tea or scroll through facebook while you’re snacking, it all results in a lack of appreciation for your food.

Switching off the screens and focusing on your food is an important part of enjoying your diet. You’re more likely to chew your food properly, which helps digestion and feelings of fullness. Plus, it’s a chance for your mind to rest for a moment. You may even find that you realize you’re full before you’ve finished your normal portion.

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Make Healthier Versions Of Your Favorite Dishes

You’ll find it easier to transition to a healthy diet long term if you don’t feel deprived of anything. Making changes to your favorite foods means you can meet your goals without dramatic actions. If you didn’t eat salad every day before you started your plan and you don’t like them, you probably won’t stick to eating them for long.

For example, swapping the pasta in your lasagne for aubergines. Or having stewed apples and cinnamon with yoghurt instead of apple pie and ice cream. You’ll still have great tastes and meet your cravings while nourishing your body more effectively.

Stock Up On Spice

Healthy does not have to mean dull. Spices are packed with flavor and nutritional benefits, with very little calories. Experiment adding herbs and spices to your meals, and you’ll be amazed at how much difference it can make.

Whether it’s cinnamon and nutmeg in your overnight oats or using thyme to make your roast chicken super tasty, they can be a real flavor saviour.

Make Sure You’re Hydrated

It’s a classic diet line, but the body can make you feel hungry unnecessarily if you need more water. Always have a water bottle handy and drink throughout the day. That way, when you are ready to eat, you’ll enjoy it more knowing it’s what your body truly needs.

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Listen To Yourself

One of the great benefits of eating healthy is that it helps your body perform efficiently. Have a think about how your healthy diet is making you feel. Does it help your digestion? Are you pleasantly full without feeling bloated? Do you have more energy?

Generally, this will make you appreciate the good work that balanced nutrition can do for you. Plus, it might inspire you to make adjustments to your diet to get even more benefit.

Get Creative

Variety keeps your diet interesting and fun. Eating chicken and broccoli three times a day is going to get old really fast. So, whenever you get bored, shake it up with a new recipe. Keep your meal balanced and nutritious, and you can go wild with flavors and ingredients.

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