Top Foods To Keep Your Teeth Clean & Healthy

When people think of health and fitness, dental health doesn’t usually come to mind. Regardless, the food you eat can have a lasting impact on those pearly whites, and it’s time to give them the attention they deserve. Let’s take a look at the foods that will help your teeth stay healthy for the long run.

The 10 Best Superfoods

The Nutrients


There are a few key nutrients that help with dental health. They include calcium, phosphorus, vitamin D, vitamin C, foods rich in antioxidants and probiotics, and foods rich in polyphenols, arginine, and anthocyanins. Acidic foods break down tooth enamel, and calcium and phosphorus both help build back the building blocks of tooth enamel. As for vitamin D, it helps you absorb calcium better, therefore indirectly helping the buildup of tooth enamel.


Vitamin C is another powerhouse – It helps reduce inflammation, build up cartilage, and strengthen blood vessels. Antioxidants also work wonders by fighting the bacteria that cause gum disease. Probiotics have also been shown to decrease plaque and help with healthy gums. Last of all, foods rich in polyphenols, arginine, and anthocyanins have been shown to fight tooth decay. Now, let’s look at the foods that will help the most.


The Foods


✓ Milk – Rich in calcium, lowers tooth decay

✓ Cheese – Another great source of calcium. Chewing on hard cheeses may also increase saliva production. Has also been shown to lower the acids in your mouth.

✓ Water – Technically not a food, but increases saliva production, and washes away any plaque and food in your teeth

✓ Fish – Rich in minerals and vitamin D

✓ Nuts – Packed with calcium and phosphorus

✓ Yogurt – Packed with calcium and probiotics that protect you against cavities

✓ Carrots – Increases saliva production which means less cavities

✓ Celery – Packed with vitamin A and C, and helps wash away any particles and bacteria from your teeth

✓ Apples – An apple a day keeps the dentist away. The texture of the fruit stimulates the gums and saliva production, and can help keep your mouth clean

✓ Leafy Greens – Packed with vitamins, low in calories. Especially high in calcium and folic acid

✓ Black Coffee – Hold the sugar and cream, those will only hurt your teeth rather than help them. Can help fight plaque and tooth decay 

✓ Tea – Great source of polyphenols, which reduces bacteria and toxic bacteria of products in the mouth

✓ Gum – Increases saliva production

✓ Oranges – Acidic fruit isn’t great for your teeth, but oranges are an exception. Oranges aren’t too acidic and they’re packed with key nutrients

✓ Strawberries – Packed with malic acid, vitamin C, and antioxidants.


Take Home Message


Keep those pearly whites, well, white. If you struggle to maintain fair dental hygiene, then try to incorporate some of these foods into your diet. And if you’re competing for a physique competition, you’ll need to smile. Show those judges who’s got the best physique, along with the best smile. As always, stay strong.


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