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Why Is Reverse Dieting Important For Your Metabolism?

Why Is Reverse Dieting Important For Your Metabolism?

Going through a full prep for a competition, no matter what division, can be very taxing on the body and your metabolism. After a show, the first thing you want to do is eat and drink everything that you had cravings for and could not consume during your prep. This can be a very dangerous thing.

After a competition, your body is very vulnerable to start holding fat storage because of how low your body fat was, and how depleted you were the last week before a show. The last thing you want to do is start eating everything in sight and gain a very large amount of fat, because your body is in fat storage mode.

Reverse dieting takes a lot of dedication and self-discipline, but is the best way to bring your metabolism back to normal without gaining fat.

What is Reverse Dieting?

Reverse dieting is exactly how it sounds. Instead of decreasing carbs or calories each week and adding cardio, you slowly start to add carbs back in while slightly decreasing cardio at the same time. What this does is it brings your metabolism back to normal speed at a gradual rate, so that fat storage is minimal. The best way to start is to go back to your calories and macros you were at about a week out from the show, and decrease cardio a little bit for the first week, with a small cheat meal on the 7th day. Another smart thing to do is to plan that cheat meal around a lagging body part, to stay anabolic after working that muscle.

reverse dieting

Once week 1 is done, add 20-30g of carbs back into your diet, and lower your cardio by another 5-10 minutes, but continue to train normally. Once each week is done, just follow the same formula, until your body is at maintenance calories (the amount of calories you consume to stay the same weight). Your metabolism should be up and running back to normal if you followed the plan correctly. Stay at this number of calories for at least 2 weeks before you start another diet, or whatever your goal is.

Why is Reverse Dieting Important for the Metabolism?

Your body is at a very delicate stage after a competition. Your metabolism has suffered, your body is depleted, and the last thing you want to do is binge eat and gain a huge amount of body fat. Remember how long it took to get that fat off? Do you really want to spend that much time reducing that body fat again after gaining it back in just 1-2 weeks? Probably not. Reverse diet and watch your body slowly become anabolic again and you will love how you look at the end and will be very glad that you did not binge eat after your show. It is not good for your body to binge eat like that anyways, so why put it through even more misery by eating everything in sight. Go out and celebrate the night after your show, and have another decent breakfast and maybe a couple cheat snacks on Sunday. By the time Monday rolls around, jump into your reverse diet, and you will feel amazing.

Take-Home Message

You spent weeks and weeks getting into shape for a show and put in all of that hard work. You do not want to lose all of that progress in just a week to two weeks because you decided to binge eat after your show. Keep all of that hard work you put so much effort into and REVERSE DIET!!! Binge eating can lead to several problems, mentally and physically. It can also seriously mess up your metabolism instead of bringing it back to normal. DO THE SMART THING


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