Protein Popcorn Has Finally Landed, But What’s The Big Deal?

So as you all know, here at Myprotein we already have a huge range of highly convenient protein snacks that make it easy for you to hit your protein goal. Well, now you can keep topped up on protein whilst at the cinema with our brand-new protein popcorn! Before we have a look at the nutritional content of this tasty snack, let’s first look at the benefits of having protein popcorn.


The Benefits of Protein Popcorn


First of all, consuming a serving of protein at regular intervals is a great way to ensure you’re recovering from workouts optimally and maximising muscle growth if that’s your goal. Protein synthesis is the process where new muscle proteins are built in order to help a muscle grow in size and deal with the stress being placed on it. Following an intense resistance session, muscle protein synthesis rates remain elevated for 72 hours. Therefore, providing the body with regular servings of protein will ensure the body constantly has the tools it needs to repair and grow throughout this 72 hours. The good news is you no longer have to have tuna 6 times a day, you can now just eat tasty popcorn instead.


Do the benefits of regular protein consumption end at repair and recovery?


No. Regular protein consumption also assists with weight management and weight loss efforts. One of the biggest challenges people face when trying to burn body fat is hunger. Consuming frequent servings of protein has been frequently shown to significantly decrease levels of ghrelin, the ‘hunger hormone’. Another common finding is that protein leaves the stomach slower than other nutrients. With these findings combined, snacking on a protein source such as protein popcorn is going to massively help with your hunger levels when trying to lose weight.
Finally, from a physiological perspective, snacking on protein sources has many great benefits. As well as being essential to muscle tissue repair and maintenance, many of the amino acids found in protein food sources are essential for cell health throughout the body. This includes blood cells, skin cells, and cells within our vital organs. Starting the day with a protein source means your body can maintain internal health and function optimally.

The Nutritional Content


In a 60 gramme serving of popcorn, you get an amazing 10 grammes of protein and just 150 calories. Meaning it’s a very weight loss friendly snack. Snacking on something that’s sweet and tasty is a great way to kerb cravings and promote adherence to your plan, another great benefit. To those of you looking to build muscle and add size, that means you can have a double serving of popcorn, result!


The Bottom Line


Good nutrition doesn’t have to be boring. Tasty snacks such as protein popcorn is a great way of optimising recovery and kerbing hunger whilst also satisfying your taste buds. Be sure to check out all of the flavours and remember your bag next time you watch a movie! Muscle gains whilst at the cinema…life will never be the same again.

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