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Why You Should Increase Your Protein Intake, Even If You Don’t Work Out

Why You Should Increase Your Protein Intake, Even If You Don’t Work Out

Eating a high amount of protein often goes hand in hand with having an active lifestyle. Fitness fanatics swear by a high protein diet to help support their goals. But what about if you don’t work out? Is protein still important?

How Much Protein

There is research to suggest that a high protein diet has a number of health benefits whether you’re in the gym lifting weights or just going through the motions of daily life. Increasing your protein intake can do a lot of good:

Feeling Full

Protein is a great nutrient at helping you to feel full and controlling your appetite. Eating lean sources of protein will help you feel fuller for longer. If you’re struggling to keep your calorie intake under control then make sure you’re eating a good amount of protein for your morning and afternoon snack to keep you full between meals.

Why not try a Protein Cookie as the perfect high protein snack. This will help you to consume less calories and stop you snacking on more unhealthy options.

You should also think about increasing your protein intake in your main meals, like lunch and dinner. Replace carbohydrates with extra protein. Or you can even replace popular carbs like pasta and bread with high protein alternatives.

? Burn More Calories

Protein also helps the body burn the calories consumed. Protein has a much higher thermic effect. The thermic effect of food refers to the energy required for digestion, absorption, and disposal of what you’ve eaten. Proteins thermic effect is higher than carbs and fats.

water for health

? Build Muscle

Protein is the most important nutrient for building muscle and maintaining muscle mass. This is one of the main reasons that protein is essential for anyone working out, as without it you will struggle to recover and put on muscle mass. If you want to lose fat, but maintain muscle, with the goal of achieve a toned physique then protein is essential.

Now you may be thinking, if I’m not working out then what’s the point of protein? It is true that without working out you’re not going to build as much muscle as someone who is, but protein will help to maintain the muscle you already have. Muscles are vital for support, so look after them and they’ll look after you!

We rely on the support of our muscles even more as we get older. When you get older your muscles mass will deteriorate, which can have a detrimental effect on mobility and posture. Eating enough protein will help stall this deterioration.

Why not try adding a protein shake once a day to your diet? We’d recommend taking one scoop/serving of Thewhey with water or milk in a Myprotein shake.

? Bone Health

Protein helps your bones to remain strong. Studies have proven that if you have a high protein diet you’re less likely to suffer from weak bones and fractures. This is even more important for women who are at greater risk of their bones weakening as they age.

protein bone health

Take Home Message

It is worth noting that a high protein diet does not mean only protein. While protein provides many benefits it should be consumed as part of a varied diet that also contains carbs and fats.

Find out why you should increase your protein intake even if you don’t work out. A high protein diet can have a number of benefits for your health.

Our articles should be used for informational and educational purposes only and are not intended to be taken as medical advice. If you’re concerned, consult a health professional before taking dietary supplements or introducing any major changes to your diet.

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