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5 Healthy Snacks For A Slimmer Summer

5 Healthy Snacks For A Slimmer Summer


Summer is upon us and those hours spent by the poolside or lounging on the patio are finally here! After a long winter, nothing feels better than finally getting the chance to spend more time outside every day.Healthy lifestyle

Now is the perfect time to think about what healthy snacks you’re going to consume over Summer to feel and look great. It’s also a great time to hunt down fresh foods during peak nutrition levels throughout the Summer!

Take advantage of the best fresh foods while they last!


1. Ice Pops


If you crave sweet treats like ice cream in the summer, go for a home-made ice pop instead… Load an ice pop with coconut water or coconut milk and add in fresh fruit and after a day in the freezer you will have a great summer treat!




In addition, Myprotein’s sugar alternative, Flavdrops is available in a range of natural and stevia flavours! – (Add these to your ice-pops, drinks, smoothies, oats etc for a healthy boost of flavor!) For example –


? Flavdrops Natural Toffee with Apple/Banana pieces for a sweet treat

? Flavdrops Natural Vanilla with natural yoghurt for a creamy dessert

? Flavdrops Stevia Strawberry with strawberry and raspberry fruit pieces


Not only will you feel refreshed and hydrated, but you will love the tasty flavor combinations! Add protein powder in the popsicle blends for a sweet, filling treat.


2. Avocados


Avocados are at their peak during the summer months so take full advantage of this versatile fruit. For a quick snack, spread it on top of a whole wheat toast or make into guacamole.



Avocados are high in healthy fats and void of sodium and cholesterol making it the best ingredient to dip your kale chips in. Avocados are soft when ripe so if you are looking to eat it right away, buy a soft avocado, if not buy a harder feeling one and stick it in the fridge to slow down the time it takes to ripen.


? Avocado on toast

? Devilled eggs – creamy avocado boiled eggs, replacing the yolk!

? Guacamole dips for BBQ’s/summer parties

? Chopped up in salads


Avocados can be added into a variety of foods and snacks, so make sure to stock up on this handy fruit all summer long!


3. Smoothies


A great way to sneak in extra nutrients into your diet over the summer is to consume smoothies. Not only are the possibilities for smoothie combinations nearly endless, but they taste amazing too.


Protein shake


I am a fan of using frozen banana combined with whatever other fruits I am craving at the moment! Sneak in some spinach for an extra nutritional punch, and add in some protein powder or nut butter to really fill you up.

A few more examples…


? Peach slices and ice blended with vanilla protein powder

– Peaches and cream smoothie


? Mixed berries, whey protein scoop of choice, chia seeds, flax seeds

Fruity concoction with added healthy fats and fibre!


? (Freeze all products!) – Avocado, banana, apple, pear, mint leaves

Delicious Green smoothie – fats, fibre and potassium minty-ness!


If you plan on being outside in the heat, add in some coconut water into your smoothies for extra hydration too!



4. Vegetables and Hummus

If you are trying to stay clear of the bag of chips this summer, vegetables and hummus are a great alternative.



Make a snack platter of:

? Cucumber

? Carrots

? Celery

? Cauliflower

…. All with a healthy side of hummus to enjoy!


The hummus flavors available in stores are endless between roasted red pepper and black bean hummus; there are a variety of flavors that can suit your taste buds. Vegetables are great to snack on while avoiding the salty chips and crackers and finding your favorite flavor of hummus adds a kick of flavor to your poolside snack.


5. Fresh Fruit


The summer months are the best time to eat all of the fresh fruit. Not only will there be some bargains at your grocery store on fresh fruit, but many will be locally grown making them fresh. If you want the best locally grown fruits, check out your local farmer’s market for a great fruit selection.


fruit salad


Just a handful of Summertime fruit favorites include:

? Watermelon

? Raspberries

? Strawberries

? Blueberries


Eat them raw, top them on a side salad, or make a fruit salad to enjoy without feeling the bloat afterwards.

You can also make eating fresh fruit fun by putting a variety of fruits onto skewers. Not only will you be doing yourself a favor loading up on nutrients, but many fruits like watermelon are very hydrating for your body in the summer heat!


Take Home Message


lose fat

And while you are snacking on your summertime snack favorites, don’t forget to load up on water too! The summer heat can take a lot out of us, so make sure to keep a water bottle on hand and even add in some fresh fruit and herbs to add in some flavor naturally.

Now pack your favorite snacks along in your cooler, head outside and enjoy the summer weather!



Our articles should be used for informational and educational purposes only and are not intended to be taken as medical advice. If you’re concerned, consult a health professional before taking dietary supplements or introducing any major changes to your diet.

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