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Foods Surprisingly High In Sugar

Foods Surprisingly High In Sugar

Having a variety of foods in your diet is valuable for staying healthy and getting all the proper nutrients one needs. Moderation is key, but sometimes, we may not be aware of what kind of macronutrients are possessed in the food we are consuming. Some foods are easy to misjudge and thus can have a negative effect on your diet and health.

Sugar, for instance, is one element that individuals may not be aware of that they are eating too much of. This is a simple carb fitness enthusiast try to limit ingesting when dieting because of the adverse effects it can have on the body. This article will expose foods that you may not have known that have a high amount of sugar!


A lot of yogurt that can be purchased from the store may seem healthy, but in general, have a ridiculous amount of sugar! Individuals may be led to believe that all yogurt in general is great for you, especially from what the packaging labels specify on the yogurt products. Most of these brands add many processed ingredients as well as sugar to the yogurt. Since yogurt is made from dairy, they have 5-10g of sugar normally, but what most brands do is add more sugar to get a sweater or more fruitier taste. This can be bad and racks up the sugar content to 15-30g! It is best to get plain yogurt and either add a little fruit, or Myprotein’s 0 calorie sweeteners and syrup. Doing this will dramatically lower the sugar content per volume.


Sauces can be one of your worst enemies. I use to put BBQ sauce on everything untill I realized 2 tablespoons was 15g of sugar. 2 tablespoons is nothing and one can easily put on 4-6 on their meal. Sauces are filled with so much sugar in such a small quantity, which can definitely be damaging to your diet. Sauces include ketchup, BBQ sauce, salad dressings, teriyaki sauce, and many more. To solve for this, try to find added spices and sauces with not a lot of calories to give your food more flavor, such as mustard and garlic.

Dried Fruits

Dried fruits are holy and one of the sweetest things around. Adding it to trail mix, cereal, or salads can honestly make the meal a lot more enjoyable. The problem is, the reason they are so good is because… You guessed it. THEY HAVE A LOT OF SUGAR .Most dried fruits have added sugars and sweeteners to them to make them that much more delicious. On top of this, when dehydrated, the volume decreases because of the loss of water, but the sugar stays. This explains why it is a lot easier to consume more sugar from eating dried fruits than the regular fruits. If dried fruits will still be apart of your diet, just be aware of this, or maybe go back to eating normal fruits more often to be more sugar conscious.


It is recommended not to drink your calories. Yes, a protein shake is fine if you aren’t adding a bunch of ingredients to it, but generally, drinking calories can harm you. This is because you can consume a dense amount of nutrients very quickly with a few gulps of a drink. For instance, a can of soda can have up to 40g of sugar, while a energy drink can have up to 60g of sugar! Even sports drinks can have a great amount of sugar. One soda can definitely raise your sugar intake dramatically, so be careful! Also, watch out for fruit drinks and juices, these can extremely raise your sugar levels for the day as well.

Protein Bars

Think protein bars are all good for you? Think again. Many can have tons of sugar, so much it is hard to believe. Of course sugar and carbs can be beneficial to push you through your workouts, but some protein bars can have just as much as candy bars! Look at the nutrition labels before purchasing a bar and determine if it is right for you and your goals.


There is a reason why cereal tastes so good, and that is because of all the added sugar! Milk has sugar content too, which will then increase the overall sugar content of the meal. Evaluate cereals and pay attention to what they include and what you are going to add to it. An alternative could be puffed rice cereal, vanilla almond milk, and cinnamon to get a delicious low-sugar meal. Be aware as well as innovative to keep the sugar as low as possible!

Take-Home Message

There are many foods we eat everyday without knowing that are very high in sugar. It is important to be aware of what you are eating and knowing what you are putting into your body. Try to stick with whole and unprocessed food as much of possible to avoid a lot of these issues. For now on, do research on your food and look at the packaging labels, then hopefully you should never have a problem with sugar again.

Our articles should be used for informational and educational purposes only and are not intended to be taken as medical advice. If you’re concerned, consult a health professional before taking dietary supplements or introducing any major changes to your diet.

Brian Kudler

Brian Kudler

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