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Top 10 Foods to Increase Metabolism

Top 10 Foods to Increase Metabolism

Top 10 Foods to Increase Metabolism


Whether you’re just starting your journey to losing weight or building muscle- or you’ve hit a dreaded plateau it’s vital to remember that 80% of your progress depends on your diet! This not only means the types of foods you eat, but also the times you choose to eat! To help maximize your metabolism and get the most out of your training, in this article we’re letting you in on the top 10 foods to increase metabolism and melt that fat!


1.Lean Meat


Top 10 Foods to increase Metabolism


First on the list is lean meat! Lean meat such as chicken and turkey breast is a great source of low fat protein. Protein is known as the most filling macro nutrient in the diet, that is essential for the growth, repair and development of muscle tissue. Now you may be thinking “well that’s obvious”- but did you know, compared to other macro nutrients, when protein is consumed  the body requires more energy to digest and break it down? This effect acts to increase the rate of Thermogenesis in the body and cause an increase in your metabolism!


But before you head to the grocery store and stock up on thick meaty steaks remember although red meat can provide a good source of vitamin B and iron, it is also often high in saturated fat whereby lean sources such as chicken and turkey are the most effect for increasing your metabolism and losing weight.


2.Egg whites


Top Ten Foods to Boost Metabolism


How do you like your eggs in the morning? Well it should be with a smile because egg whites are another fantastic fat burning food that are full of BCAA’s… branched chain amino acids! And what good is that? Amino acids are the building blocks of protein that scientific studies have shown can help fuel your muscles, aid recovery and provide your metabolism with a hefty boost! Branched chain amino acids are unique in structure and essential to the human body, they therefore must be consumed from food in the diet. So if you’re looking to increase your metabolism- egg white omelettes for breakfast are a great way to start!


3.Beans and Legumes


Top Ten Foods to Boost Metabolism


Beans and legumes such as lentils are a great source of protein, iron and complex carbohydrates that can help drive your metabolism into gear! Beans and legumes are also great source of fiber- which like protein requires more energy for the body to digest and will also leave you feeling fuller for longer!


4.Low fat Dairy


Top Ten Foods to Boost Metabolism


Low fat sources of dairy such as Greek yogurt and cottage cheese are ideal for increasing your protein intake and boosting your metabolism. In fact, many scientific studies have shown that consuming low fat dairy products can increase fat loss when compared to those who do not consume dairy products. What’s more, low fat dairy can also provide you with a good source of calcium and vitamin D helping to keep your skin healthy and bones strong!


5.Whole Grains


Top Ten Foods to Boost Metabolism


When it comes to whole grains you may be thinking “hell no” to carbs- but really guys lets bin this myth.

Carbs are GOOD for you! Especially for those who are physically active- yes there are ketogenic diets that cut carbs, but these are just one type of diet designed to accelerate fat loss. To increase your metabolism you should be consuming a good source on complex carbohydrates- so that’s your oatmeal and brown rice! These types of whole grain sources include large amounts of fiber which leave you feeling fuller for longer and –like protein, fiber requires a larger amount of energy for the body to digest and breakdown.




Top Ten Foods to Boost Metabolism


Are you nuts about nuts? Some people think nuts are high in fat and should be completely avoided when it comes to speeding up your metabolism- WRONG! Nuts ARE energy dense- but they are packed full of mono and poly unsaturated fats- healthy fats! What’s more, apart from adding extra protein and healthy fats to your diet nuts contain chemicals than when consumed can interact with the thyroid hormone to help boost metabolism!


7.Green Tea


Top Ten Foods to Boost Metabolism


You may think it’s just the English that enjoy a cup of tea- but did you know that regular consumption of green tea could actually help to boost your metabolism and enhance your weight loss? Green tea is packed full of chemical compounds called polyphenols, including epicatechin gallate and other gallic acid derivatives, that have been shown in several scientific studies to increase Thermogenesis and weight loss, helping you to burn and lose more fat!


8.Salmon and Fatty Fish


Top Ten Foods to Boost Metabolism


Salmon is a type of fatty fish that provides us with the essential fatty acid omega-3! Being essential means these fatty acids are required for normal human function and MUST be consumed in through the food in your diet or supplementation!

Fatty fish such as salmon contains a range of other nutrients including vitamin B12, selenium, magnesium and vitamin B6. As a result, consuming fish such as salmon can contribute to energy metabolism and fat metabolism, helping to increase your fat burning potential! In other words— you have to eat good fats to burn fat!




Top Ten Foods to Boost Metabolism


Cinnamon is the perfect spice to add to you pumpkin protein treats this season, whereby regularly consuming cinnamon can actually help increase your metabolism. In the body when we consume excess amounts of sugar the body releases a hormone called insulin. Insulin acts to convert blood sugar/glucose into a chemical called glycogen, which can be effectively stored in the liver. Large peaks in insulin tells the body there is loads of sugar to be used for energy- which can decrease the rate at which our body uses fat for energy! Consuming cinnamon can increase the rate our body transports glucose into cells which prevents peaks in blood insulin levels and increases fat burning!




Top Ten Foods to Boost Metabolism


Do you enjoy spicy food? Well did you know that spicy food and chilis can actually help you to burn more fat! Chilis contain a chemical compound called capsaicin, wherey it is this chemical that is responsible for releasing heat! When capsaicin is metabolised it can help increase your metabolism and melt that fat away!



A Take Home Message


Okay- so consuming the top ten fat burning foods above won’t guarantee a sudden fat loss! But with a good training regime and healthy diet adding these ten foods to your meals can turn your body into the ultimate fat burner!


Our articles should be used for informational and educational purposes only and are not intended to be taken as medical advice. If you’re concerned, consult a health professional before taking dietary supplements or introducing any major changes to your diet.



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