How To Create The Perfect Balanced Breakfast

It’s no secret that breakfast is an important building block in a healthy lifestyle. Studies have shown that eating an adequate breakfast helps you maintain a healthy calorie intake through the day. It also helps your concentration levels and other brain functions.

But the breakfast market in the food and beverage industry is packed with conflicting information. So how do you know if you breakfast helps or hinders you? Here’s how to plan to ensure your day starts off perfectly.

Have Breakfast Before You Leave The House

Your body has been without food for several hours by the time you wake up. Your glycogen stores are low, and you need to replenish your energy. You may not feel like it, but this is a key step to starting the day off right.

The 4 Best Foods To Eat For Breakfast

Avoid Sugary Pastries and Cereal

Although you need to replenish your energy, a quick fix of sugar is not the answer. Cinnamon rolls on the go or sweet cereals eaten at home will create a sugar crash later in the morning. This will lead to more unhealthy cravings and derail your nutritional goals.

If you like these types of breakfasts, consider Instant Oats or cereal that gives you a good boost of dietary fibre.

Prep, Prep, Prep

The main excuse for breakfast dodging is “I just don’t have time”. But, like with your other meals, prepping can open up a whole new world of easy nutrition.

Overnight oats, or zoats (with zucchini shredded in) are a great way to ensure you have a balanced breakfast to hand when you wake up. Simply soak oats in a mason jar before you go to bed and you’ll have creamy and filling oats when you wake up. Add peanut butter or soak in nuts and seeds for extra protein, or add frozen fruits for adding vitamins.

You can also pre-make protein pancakes to store in airtight Tupperware so you can have it ready quickly.

Balance Your Macros

Making sure your breakfast contains your cornerstones of nutrition is vital to a healthy start. You should have carbohydrates, protein and fat throughout the day, including the mornings. For your protein cereal, this might mean getting your fat source from the portion of milk you eat the cereal with and topping up the carbohydrates by chopping a banana over the bowl.

For a less processed breakfast, you could enjoy whole wheat toast for your carbs, then mashed avocado on top for your fat with a portion of smoked salmon to give you lean protein.

Don’t Just Stick to “Breakfast Food”

If you struggle to find an appetising and nutritious breakfast don’t be afraid to be unconventional. Chicken with rice and feta cheese is just as nutritious at 7am as it is at 7pm – so if it gets you eating before you start that day, go for it!

Can You Workout Before Breakfast?

Yes, fasted cardio can be a great fat burner. It can also help to kick-start your metabolism. However, exercising makes it even more essential to eat breakfast. In particular, one with plenty of protein for muscle repair and carbohydrates to ensure you have plenty of glycogen to tackle the day.

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