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Why Is Breakfast The Most Important Meal Of The Day?

Why Is Breakfast The Most Important Meal Of The Day?

It has become common to rush the mornings away, often leading to a skipped breakfast.  But did you know that eating breakfast every morning could have so many health benefits?  Breakfast provides many health benefits to our health and wellbeing.

Did you know that breakfast literally means “to break the fast?”  That’s right!  Eating breakfast every morning helps fuel your brain after an overnight fast (while we sleep).  Think of a car with no fuel, you’re now running on empty without breakfast!  Our bodies need important macronutrients, vitamins and minerals such as iron, calcium, fiber, and protein.  Incorporating fruits and vegetables first thing in the morning can aide in receiving these important nutrients that our bodies and brain need for proper, healthy functioning.  Research shows that those who eat breakfast daily are less likely to be overweight compared to those who skip breakfast on a regular basis.  Skipping breakfast can often cause us to reach for a quicker snack during the mid-mornings, which usually ends up being higher in (unhealthy) fats and sugars.

Fueling Your Body

Since we are naturally fasting during sleep hours, our bodies look for sources of fuel.  No appetite during early hours?  Even a small breakfast is better than no breakfast at all.  It’s okay to not feel hungry first thing in the morning, so even a quick cup of yogurt would be okay instead of a heavy bowl of oatmeal, if that fits your preference.


When we eat breakfast in the morning, we give our bodies a kick start to our day by providing it with much needed fuel to get through our daily activities until it’s time for lunch.  Some great examples of healthy and balanced breakfast choices are whole grain cereals or a cup of yogurt with fruit, egg white omelets with a variety of vegetables, or oatmeal with berries and low fat milk.  Whole grain toast with natural peanut butter is also a quick and lighter option for those who seem to always be in a rush.  Food is fuel!

Stay Motivated

Eating nutritiously in the mornings can provide you with enough energy and mental function to feel ready for an awesome workout.  Exercise helps to improve and boost metabolism all day.  So, a healthy breakfast and exercise really do go hand-in-hand to keep us motivated for the rest of the day, until it’s time to sleep again.  Starting the day with breakfast might help motivate us for greater ideas, as it can improve our concentration and performance.

A Healthy Waistline

Some theories suggest that eating a healthy, balanced, breakfast can help reduce hunger throughout the day and prevent mid-day binges.  It can also help us make healthier food choices at other mealtimes such as lunch and supper.  Studies have shown that breakfast can have an effect on cholesterol levels.  Eating breakfast can increase blood lipids and lower the risk of heart disease, too.

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People who skip out on breakfast can generally end up eating more overall daily calories compared to those who start the day with a morning meal.

Improve Your Mood

It’s noted that our physical wellness is connected to a positive state of mind.  Eating breakfast can heighten our mood, which can lead to a more productive and satisfying rest of the day.  Depression and anxiety disorders are commonly linked to weight gain and several other health issues.  Breakfast can be especially important for those who struggle to face physical challenges positively.  Morning meals that are nutritious and delicious can put us on the right track for the rest of the day.

Take-Home Message

While it’s stressed to be important to make sure you’re fueling your body in the mornings, don’t forget to pay attention to what you’re putting into your body.  Healthy, wholesome foods can help set the foundation for our day (when it comes to food).  Examples are variety in vegetables, fruit, (unsalted) nuts, and whole grains.  Of course, be mindful of any specific food allergies you may have.  If you start the day with a healthy breakfast, it will become easier to stick to healthy choices throughout the rest of the day.  Remember, exercise and/or weight loss routines are supposed to challenge us, but it can seem easier to get through if we fuel our bodies upon waking.

Our articles should be used for informational and educational purposes only and are not intended to be taken as medical advice. If you’re concerned, consult a health professional before taking dietary supplements or introducing any major changes to your diet.

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