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What Are The Benefits of Organic Food?

What Are The Benefits of Organic Food?

Organic food is becoming increasingly popular in the world today. The difficult thing is understanding whether you should be making it part of your diet and what are the real benefits of choosing organic produce over regular, cheaper alternatives. In this article we will be discussing:

? What actually is organic food?

? Is organic food really better for you?

? Should organic products be part of your diet?

After discussing this we’ll then have a look at some Organic products you can look to implement in your diet.

What is Organic Food?

For a food to be called organic it must have been grown and farmed in a particular way. The rules for what counts as an organic food does vary from country to country, but for the US for crops to be called organic they must be grown without the use of pesticides and they cannot be genetically engineered crops.

In terms of livestock, the animals being farmed must have access to outdoor space to roam around in and be fed organic food. They must also be allowed to grow naturally, meaning their growth cannot be induced by drugs such as growth hormones which are regularly used to increase and the mass and size of cattle in the non-organic farming process.

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Is Organic Food Really Better For You?

The food you consume has an important impact on your general health and well-being. This means the choices you make on what food to eat is vital for how you feel and how you look. Organic foods or often packed with superior amounts of nutrients, for example antioxidants, than non-organic alternatives.

To understand if organic food is really better for you, it is important to understand the benefits of eating organic:

 1. Organic food contains fewer pesticides – it is grown more naturally

 2. Organic food is often more fresh – it does not contain preservatives to increase its shelf-life

 3. Organic farming is much more beneficial for the environment – it creates less pollution, mainly as no pesticides are used

 4. Organic animal produce is raised more humanely – the animals have access to outdoors and are not fed genetically enhancing drugs to maximize their size and therefore profit

 5. Organic meat and milk contains more nutrients

 6. Organic food is not genetically modified in anyway – a lot of our food today is genetically modified even though research is still needed to understand the true long term side effects of eating genetically modified crops

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 Should Organic Products Be Part of Your Diet?

We would say yes! Okay, non-organic products are cheaper, but it isn’t difficult to make sure you’re eating some organic produce as part of your diet.

There is a proven nutritional benefit to eating organic and even though this can’t be scientifically proven, organic produce is often recommended for its better taste over non-organic food options.

So how can you start eating organic? How about trying the following products:

? Organic Chlorella Powder

You may well be thinking what is ‘chlorella’? True, it does sound like a disease which you certainly wouldn’t want if you pronounce it incorrectly, but chlorella has a number of proven health benefits, which you should be taking advantage of.

Chlorella is a freshwater algae and is considered a superfood. It is a great source of energy, supports fat loss and helps detox the body.

Taking just 0.4oz (10g) of chlorella powder a day can have a great impact on your general health and well-being. It is high in protein contributing to muscle growth and maintenance, is rich in potassium contributing to normal muscle function and the maintenance of normal blood pressure and acts as a dairy free source of iron.

?Organic Chia Seeds

Originating from a herb, the chia plant is a member of the mint plant family. They are very high in fiber and contain over 20% protein. These seeds contain a great number of nutrients and contain very few calories, making these the perfect snack to munch on throughout the day.

?Organic Cacao Butter

This cacao butter is made by pressing and grinding cacao nibs to make a cocoa paste. This process leads to the separation of the butter from the powder. The butter is solidified and molded into button shapes. Cacao butter is composed of 99% dietary fat making it a useful commodity in cooking and food production.

?Organic Cacao Liquor Buttons

Cacao liquor’s greatest benefit is its versatility. It can be used in drinks, desserts and confectionery. Cacao beans are considered a superfood due the variety of nutrients they contain, making them a great addition to your diet.

?Organic Cacao Beans

Cocao beans are high in fiber and a great source of dietary fat and iron. Iron contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue, making this an essential snack for these cold, dark, winter months. You only need to have a 15g serving to get the benefits of organic cacao beans.

?Organic Cacao Nibs

To produce these, seeds from a cacao tree are fermented, cleaned and dried, and become what is known cacao nibs, which can be used as an easy-to-consume, convenient snack. There are many benefits to making cacao nibs one of your daily snacks. Cacao contains high amounts of dietary fiber helping to maintain the regularity of your digestive system.

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Take Home Message

After reading this article you should have some idea of the benefits of eating organic. Why not give it a go and try and implement at least one of the products mentioned in this article in your diet.



Our articles should be used for informational and educational purposes only and are not intended to be taken as medical advice. If you’re concerned, consult a health professional before taking dietary supplements or introducing any major changes to your diet.

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