The Benefits of a Meat and Nuts Breakfast

The Benefits of a Meat and Nuts Breakfast

Many of you are probably wondering what is the best breakfast for an increase in overall energy and focus throughout your day – the answer could be the meat and nuts breakfast. It sounds too good to be true but the meat and nuts breakfast has been proven to increase overall energy and focus, and is also an easy choice for the paleo lifestyle.

What is the meat and nuts breakfast?

meat and nuts breakfast

It is pretty much self explanatory. This breakfast includes some type of lean meat and any kind of nut. The only nut that you might not want to use is peanuts – this is because peanuts are not considered a nut, they are actually a legume. Other nuts including cashews, macadamia nuts, almonds, and Brazil nuts have better nutritional benefits. Any lean meat along with any nuts would be included in this great nutritional breakfast. The lean meat cause a gradual rise in your blood sugar which lasts throughout the day although the healthy fats in the nuts helps the blood sugar level to help it remain stable.

Does it really increase energy and focus?

meat and nuts breakfast

Since breakfast is the most important meal of the day it is essential to eat the right breakfast. The meat and nuts breakfast raises the neurotransmitters which aid in energy and focus. Those neurotransmitters are called dopamine and acetyl-choline. Your brain is the most important part of your body, so why would you not give it the nutrition it needs to keep you focused and energized.

The benefits of the meat and nuts breakfast extends well past lunchtime, too – several studies have concluded that the energy and focus lasts well into the afternoon, and another study showed that the group consuming a meat and nuts breakfast had less fixation on food and snacked less later in the day than the control group, consuming a regular breakfast.

Although a meat and nuts breakfast provides energy, it’s not a short burst, and you also stay cool and calm throughout the day thanks to the hormone regulation benefits it provides.

Example Meat and Nuts Breakfasts

Varying your protein sources can reduce food sensitivities – these can create higher levels of cortisol, which in turn can cause the body to hold fat around the midsection. Try not to consume the same meat two days in a row. These example breakfasts should help you with six days of varied meat and nuts breakfasts:

Day 1meat and nuts breakfast

1-2 ground buffalo patties + 1 handful almonds

Day 2

1-2 ground turkey patties + 1 handful Brazil nuts

Day 3

3 slices turkey bacon + 1 handful Macadamia nuts

Day 4

1 large Venison steak + 1 handful walnuts

Day 5

Tuna omelette + 1 handful cashews

Day 6

2 patties ground beef + 1 handful hazelnuts

Take Home Message

If you need a boost in focus and energy the meat and nuts breakfast is the best option for you, not a energy drink, which is just a boost in caffeine. The meat and nuts breakfast is the breakfast for you.

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