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Big 4th July? Here’s Our Top Tips To Detox

With the 4th of July festivities officially over, now’s the time you probably feel a little sluggish and crumby. You may have taken a break from training, got way too much sun and your healthy diet plan went right out the window as soon as you saw the cheeseburgers on the grill.

No worries though! It’s the perfect opportunity to get back on track and refuel your body to come back stronger than ever and get a jump on some new fitness goals. Follow these detox tricks and tips to rid your body of the bad and refresh it with the new.

Drink Water

I can’t stress this one enough – drink water like it’s your job. You were more than likely outside celebrating the 4th with your friends or family, so water probably wasn’t your main choice of beverage with all of the “substitutes” being passed around.

Getting your body hydrated is the number one thing to do to get yourself back on track. It will help rid the body of unwanted toxins as well as making you feel fuller, longer. Get hydrated and get back at it.

Green Tea

Green tea is a staple when it comes to hydration, as well as being used as a powerful antioxidant. You’ve eaten chips, soda and various other carb-heavy items which means you’re holding a lot more sodium than normal and feeling bloated. Drinking some green tea will help reduce inflammation as well as helping with hydration and providing a natural source of caffeine, rather than drinking more sugar-filled drinks.

Another use is to make a big glass of cooled green tea and mint and use it as a relief for sunburns. The anti-inflammatory properties of the green tea mixed with the cooling properties of the mint leaves pair up perfectly to relieve your skin from the sun’s damage.

a cup of green tea

Go Low-Carb

Like I’ve mentioned before, we’ve all been living on soda, chips and cheeseburgers the last day or so, so get back on track with a no-carb day or even just a low-carb day following the 4th. This will help shock the body into burning some extra fat that may have been put on with all of the celebration hot dogs and burgers.

Try to pick protein sources that are especially lean during this day as well such as chicken breast, tuna and other forms of fish rather than eating excess fat from red meat sources. This will help kick-start your metabolism and get it back into play for the next few days ahead.

To receive additional health benefits try supplementing with some greens powder in the morning along with apple cider vinegar and lemon juice to reset your pH levels and help to eat away at unwanted stored fat.

Strawberry Facial

I know it sounds a little strange but this will help your pores become rehydrated from all of the sun you’ve endured from being outside (or all the beers you’ve been drinking!). Start with about a cup of ripe strawberries and add them into your food processor. Then add in just a few teaspoons of Greek yogurt along with a few ice cubes and pulse till you get a texture similar to sand.

Use this to exfoliate all skin and even throw in a little more liquid (milk or water) and enjoy a hydrating strawberry smoothie while doing so.

Do Yoga

If you’ve taken a break from lifting, running or all things fitness to enjoy the 4th, don’t worry because so has a majority of the fitness community! Now is the time though to get back on track and get your body primed for work. Try out some yoga to relieve your body of stress and toxin buildup you’ve incurred. Yoga not only helps cleanse the body but also helps you detox your mind.

Even while working out we can sometimes be preoccupied by things we need to get done or deadlines we have to meet but yoga allows you to debrief from everything for an hour and focus on bettering yourself.

woman doing yoga at the beach

Give It A Try!

These detox tips can help you get back on track with your fitness and nutrition goals. Watch your water intake, limit you total caloric and carb intake and do some healthy yoga to get your body refreshed and refueled!

Our articles should be used for informational and educational purposes only and are not intended to be taken as medical advice. If you’re concerned, consult a health professional before taking dietary supplements or introducing any major changes to your diet.

Victoria Catterall-Decalmer

Victoria Catterall-Decalmer


Victoria has a master’s degree in English Literature. She loves doing unconventional workouts like pole fit, which she’s done for the past four years. She’s also a passionate foodie, so in her spare time, you’ll find her trying out the newest restaurants in her home town.

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