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Valentine’s Day Fitness Gifts For Men

Valentine’s Day Fitness Gifts For Men

If your boyfriend or husband is a fitness enthusiast then what better to buy them this Valentine’s Day than some great fitness gifts! There really is nothing better than some new gym gear or supplements. So check out some of the best fitness gifts you can get for him!

Fitness Gifts For Him

✓ Seamless T-Shirt

You want your partner to look good when their exercising don’t you? Then you need to get them the innovative seamless t-shirt. The fit is designed to show off your physique and no seams means no restriction when working out.

It doesn’t matter if you’re lifting weights or going for a run, this top is the perfect exercise partner for the man in your life…after you of course!

It is available in a great range of colors including black, teal and blue!

seamless clothing

✓ Impact Whey Protein

As soon as your workout stops you should be thinking about recovery, and if you’ve been weight training, this means protein. Protein is essential to aid muscle recovery and growth so if your partners goal is to put on muscle mass then there really is no better gift.

You should be eating 1 g of protein for ever lb of bodyweight, so if your partner weighs 180 lbs then they need to be eating, you guessed it, 180 g of protein everyday. If they aren’t reaching that total then it’s going to be very difficult for them to put on muscle mass. This is where a protein shake after the gym comes in, giving a quick source of protein to stimulate muscle growth.

Impact Whey Protein is available in a variety of great flavors, so give them a tasty post workout treat this Valentine’s Day!

✓ Healthy Snacks

We’ve all been there. Hunger is starting to takeover and the only thing in reach is the vending machine. This might be convenient, but it certainly isn’t healthy! If your man is always complaining about being hungry then get him to snacks that won’t just fill him up, but will also fuel his workouts and progression.

Highly recommended is the Oats & Whey bar, which contains 23 g of protein per bar, is high in fibre and complex carbohydrates, as well as being low in sugar.

Check out our snacks page here!

healthy protein snacks

✓ Pre Workout

Life is busy isn’t it? Sometimes this makes it difficult to have the energy to go to the gym. Is your partner getting home from work and then doesn’t move from the couch? Well get them MYPRE!

This potent pre-workout formula will be sure to get them up and going to the gym for a workout no matter how tough their day may have been. Just two scoops will provide 400 mg of caffeine to improve alertness and energy levels.

If they need a bit more motivation to get in the gym then this is the product for them.

✓ Barrel Bag

So you’ve got your gym kit, you’ve got your supplements and your shaker – but what are you going to put everything in? A bag of course!

The barrel bag has a great 20 liter capacity, so you can make sure your partner is going to the gym with everything they need. The bag even has a zipped pocket on the outside, so he won’t be loosing his keys!

This bag comes in a variety of great colors, but they’ll probably be happier with a black or blue one, then a pink or purple. But you know them better than us!

fitness gifts for him

Take Home Message

If you’ve been struggling for gift ideas then why not do something a bit different this year and support your partners fitness goals. If they are into the gym and fitness then there really is no better set of gifts you could get them! There is a saying, ‘couples that work out together, stay together’, so why not get yourself some fitness related gifts. Matching barrel bags are cute right?

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