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“On holiday, I lay there in my bikini pretending to read a book, when in fact I was just people watching. I realized that I was the most out of shape I’d ever let myself get…That was the exact moment that I decided enough was enough; I needed to sort out my health, fitness and lifestyle.”

For anyone who knows me, they can vouch for the fact that I was a bit of a party girl – I believed in the work hard, before louiseplay hard philosophy! But things had taken their toll; I suffered from awful Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) which made me want to avoid being in certain situations and things had gotten so bad at one point, that I’d been referred for a colonoscopy.

I wouldn’t say that I have a particularly normal office job either; I work long hours and have to do a significant amount of travelling which meant that I would very often find myself eating fast/convenience foods on the go and eating in hotels in the evenings. The other obstacle I faced was the fact that I tended to prioritize my job over everything else.

I was already going to the gym two or three times a week at this point and had managed to shift a little bit of weight but not enough to keep me motivated, plus my nutrition was very inconsistent to say the least! I needed someone to help motivate me… In came Simon.

I already knew Simon Hall from previous personal training stints that I’d done in the past.

I had a few friends who had undergone a body transformation through the 1-2-1 online nutrition and training coaching with Simon. They were my inspiration, so come September 2015 I signed up for the online coaching too.”


“”It’s amazing what the body can achieve once you’re fuelling it with the right foods!  For any ladies reading this who think that lifting weights makes you bulky, I’d like to think that my before and after pictures are proof that this isn’t the case. I was far bulkier when I didn’t lift a thing!

Someone did recently asked me how much it had “cost” me to look the way that I look, and this really got me thinking….after louise

From a non-monetary cost side of things, it’s taken a strong sense of discipline, drive and determination. I’ve had to have the willpower to say no to things such as chocolate, sweets, cakes and cocktails…..easier said than done when you’re someone who has a very sweet tooth!

I also had to drag myself to the gym on a number of occasions despite having a long and exhausting day at work. It’s true what they say about discipline being the bridge between goals and accomplishment, and it sounds simple but it really does come down to having to do what you know needs to be done even if you don’t want to do it.

If I were to add up everything that I’d spent over these last six months on the online coaching, face-to-face personal training, gym membership, supplements etc, I’m sure it would amount to a small fortune. But if I think back to the old me, I thought nothing of spending £100-150 on a night out, and much as I’d have a great time drinking cocktails and having a laugh with my friends, the feeling was short-lived.

The  feeling of being fit and healthy is long-term, assuming you maintain it, so I can quite honestly say that investing in memberships and coaching is money well spent!

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louise quinney myjourney

“I was amazed at how much I had to actually eat each day, it was far more than what I had been eating previously yet it wasn’t long before the weight started to drop off.”


There’s a common misconception out there that you have to eat less food or basically starve yourself in order to lose weight, but this couldn’t be further from the truth; it’s about educating yourself about eating the right sorts of things and doing this consistently.

I was open and honest from the outset about the fact that tracking macros and monitoring my calories etc. just wasn’t for me; if I’m completely honest I couldn’t think of anything worse than having to constantly weigh my food! No offence to those who do this, but it just wouldn’t have worked for me.

Simon took all of this into account and started me off on a nutrition plan which worked on rough measurements – for example, fist size portions of X, thumb sized portions of Y and so on. This helped me to get used to eating the right sorts of foods consistently as well as giving me the right sort of portion sizes per meal! I did eventually get put on a macro plan, but I only ever weighed out my food the once then I simply judged it by eye after that!



MEAL 1 | Smoked salmon, eggs, buttered spinach

MEAL 2 | Basil flavoured tuna snack pot, buttered green beans

MEAL 3 | Chicken or prawn salad 

MEAL 4 | Oats, almond milk, whey protein & chia seeds

MEAL 5 | Fat-free yogurt, whey protein & chia seeds

MEAL 6 | Chicken/haddock/steak with sweet potato/rice & veg





I’m sure you’ve heard it time-and-time again but ultimately, you can’t out-train a bad diet! In the past, I’ve definitely been guilty of pounding the gym day-after-day without seeing the results that I wanted to achieve.

I now know that it was due to my inconsistent and poor diet which was essentially undoing all of the hard work I’d done in the gym! These days I eat a healthy, balanced diet and I actually eat far more than I ever did before, I simply eat the right things – i.e. single ingredient foods.

✓ Up Water Intake! 

 I always aim for a daily water intake of 3-4 litres.

✓ Consume Real Food 

My diet consists of single ingredient foods such as meat, fish and vegetables. I tend to follow the Paleo diet and try to avoid processed food. I also snack on green beans, carrots & sugar snaps if i’m peckish – it actually really helps!

✓ Find What Works For You

I can’t think of anything worse than having to constantly weigh my food and update a fitness app, no offence to those who do this, but it just wouldn’t work for me. I therefore only ever weigh out my food the once then I simply judge it by eye after that.

✓ Balance |

Don’t beat yourself up if you happen to have a bad day and fall off plan, just draw a line under it and get yourself back on plan as soon as you can.

louise quinney myjourney

“When I first started out I couldn’t even do one press-up.

Suffice to say I can now not only do numerous press-ups, I can also squat and deadlift far more than my own bodyweight!”




MONDAY | AM Fasted Cardio – PM Legs

TUESDAY | AM Fasted Cardio – PM Torso

WEDNESDAY | AM Fasted Cardio – PM Hamstrings & Glutes

THURSDAY | AM Fasted Cardio – PM Torso

FRIDAY | AM Fasted Cardio – PM Legs

SATURDAY | AM Fasted Cardio – PM Torso




Leg Training
A) LEGS Sets Reps Rest (secs)
Front Squat 4 6 Superset back squats
Back Squat 4 12 Final set – rep up to 25
Leg Press 3 10 Final set – rep up to 30
Single Leg Squat (Smith Machine) 3 15 p/side 60
Leg Extension 1 100 N/A
Sumo Squat, Goblet Grip 3 10 60 secs
Calve Press 3 30 60 secs
Torso Training
B) TORSO  Sets Reps Rest (secs)
Flat Bench Press 4 4 120 – HEAVY!
Dumbbell Press 3 10 60
Press up 3 10 60
Lateral Raises 3 20 60
Shoulder Press 3 15 60
Reverse Cable Fly 3 20 60
High Pull Barbell 3 20 60

Hamstrings & Glutes

C) HAMSTRINGS & GLUTES Sets Reps Rest (secs)
Hamstring Curl 3 30 60
Romanian Deadlift 4 10 60 – HEAVY!
Step Up (Single Leg) 3 20 60
Glute Kick Back 2 20 60
Glute Bridge 2 30 60
Standing Calve Raise 1 100 N/A

Torso Training

D) TORSO  Sets Reps Rest (secs)
Lat Pulldown (Wide Grip) 3 20 60
Pulldown V bar to chest 3 15 60
Seated Row (Wide Grip) 3 20 60
Seated Row (Normal Grip) 3 20 60
Prone Rope Row 2 30 60
Lat Dumbbell Pullover 2 20 60

Legs – Volume Light

E) LIGHT VOLUME LEGS Sets Reps Rest (secs)
Leg Extension 3 50 60
Leg Press 3 30 60
Walking Lunges 3 40 (strides) 60
Leg Extension 2 50 60
Rope Pull Through 3 15 Superset Wide Stance Leg Press
Leg Press (Wide Stance) 3 25 30
Ab Roll Outs 3 20 60

Torso Training

F) TORSO  Sets Reps Rest (secs)
Close Grip Pull-down 4 20 Straight into next exercise
Dumbbell Chest Press Flat 4 15 60
Seated Row 4 20 Straight into next exercise
Press Up 4 AMAP 60
Lateral Raise DBs 4 20 Straight into next exercise
Frontal Raise DBs 4 20 Straight into next exercise
Prone Rear Delt Raise 4 20 Straight into next exercise
Shoulder Press DBs 4 15 60




✓ Find What Works For You | 

Try to find something that you genuinely enjoy doing, you’ll be more likely to keep it up long-term. I’m so glad that I discovered weight training, I love how you can mould and sculpt the body and I’ve seen far better and quicker results whilst doing weight training than I ever saw before when I used to do solely cardio training.

louise quinney myjourney

“Even the best planned diet is likely to result in deficiencies and there’s certainly no magic pill that will melt the fat from your body, but there are supplements!”



✓ Impact Whey Protein to  maximize post-workout recovery. | Read Whey Protein

Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s) to boost protein synthesis and protein muscle recovery. | Read BCAA’s

✓  1 x Daily Vitamin for general body function | Read Vitamins

✓ 1 x Omega 3 Fish Oil Capsule to support brain function, hormones & more! | Read Omega 3

✓ 1 x CLA capsule to support fat burning, alongisde immune system benefits | Read CLA

 1 x Zinc to support protein synthesis in order to gain strength & power. | Read Zinc

 4g Magnesium to reduce tiredness and fatigue. |

General probiotics for gut health!


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