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Spring Break | How To Deal With A Hangover

Spring Break is a time for relaxation and celebration. Even the most avid of fitness enthusiasts will enjoy a few cocktails, a few beers, and then a few more cocktails and beers. It will be very difficult to stick to a healthy, strict regime, as you deservedly give in to a week (or maybe even two) of enjoyment.

This can actually make it harder to tolerate the hangover caused by doing something you don’t do regularly, so here are some tips to deal with the next day so you don’t feel too bad…

Top Tips For A Hangover

#1 Hydrate

Before getting yourself to bed, no matter what state of drunkenness you are in I recommend drinking a large glass of water (maybe even two) and taking some form of headache relief pill. This gets some hydration into your body as usually when you are drinking you neglect staying hydrated.

In addition to this if possible, you should try and drink some glasses of water throughout the night in between drinks. It’s not always the coolest thing to do, but you will reap the benefits the next day. And also a glass of water with ice and a straw can easily be mistaken for a vodka and lemonade.

It may be a good idea to take a Gallon Hydrator with you and make sure it’s by your bed and filled up so you can down half of it before you go to sleep and sip on it when you wake up.

drinking water

#2 BCAAs

When you wake up you need to keep the hydration going, another big glass of water and if you have them handy some BCAAs, this will get to your muscles which generally tighten up and feel lethargic after drinking a little too much.

#3 Make Sure You Eat

Don’t start your day with bad food. A big temptation after a night out is to wake up and decide that the best remedy is to continue this unhealthy trend because it won’t make a difference at this point. You need to get some quality food in so that your body can use it to help you recover quickly.

If you decide to binge on bacon, egg and cheese bagels, McDonald’s breakfast or some other combo of unhealthy food you will feel even worse than before. I recommend some fast acting carbs, protein and fats. Eggs, some protein oats and some fruit like a banana would be great. If you eat badly or don’t eat then your body won’t get the energy it needs to replenish itself.

#4 Cardio (If You Can Face It)

When I enjoy a night of alcohol I tend to make sure I am on point all week, don’t miss the gym at all and plan for a rest day. I do this for a few reasons, I don’t know exactly how I’ll feel the next day, I hate putting in a sub-par session and sometimes you are in a different place like a hotel or someone’s house and don’t have your usual access to a gym etc.

However, there is definitely something to be said for sweating out some of the toxins you have ingested on your night of fun. For this to be effective you must have attempted to seriously rehydrate yourself or you will just feel even worse. But a workout, even a small one can be a complete day-changer. Get in 20-30 minutes of fairly intense cardio and you will sweat out a lot of your ill feelings.

#5 Caffeine

A strong cup of coffee can make a big difference, the caffeine acts as a central nervous system stimulant, it will act as a mood lifter, it will energize you and make you more alert rather than fatigued. As with everything so far make sure it is accompanied by a large amount of water to stay hydrated or it could make your headache worse.

coffee as pre workout

Take Home Message

These tips will help you through a hangover but nothing can really prevent the inevitable effects of over-consumption of alcohol. I heavily recommend the suggested glasses of water while you are out and if you can just cut it off early, a lot of hangovers can be avoided by stopping drinking at a set time and you are still buzzed enough to enjoy the rest of the night. It’s just being aware of what time it is and being committed to feeling better than most other people the next day.

Sticking to bigger lower alcohol beverages can also be a good choice, beers instead of shots and you’ll take longer to drink them and thus consume less. The main hope is that you enjoy your night and don’t get too drunk that you waste the first any days of Spring Break curled up in bed swimming in regret.

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