How To Avoid Mr Olympia & Post Competition Blues

How To Avoid Mr Olympia & Post Competition Blues

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This weekend’s festivities will not only be exciting for all the spectators but for the numerous amount of competitors as well. After all, they’ve trained all year long just for these couple days to stand on a stage for a few moments and show the whole world what they’ve got.

But after the medals and trophies are handed out, a feeling of ‘what now’ can come over the athletes. Follow these tips and tricks to not just avoid Olympia blues but any any post-show blues you may encounter.

Spend Time With Family & Friends

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The primary focus over the course of the last several months has been bringing your best physique to the judges. And this usually means devoting excess time and effort in place of valuable friends/family time. So once the show is over make some immediate time to spend with loved ones. Not only will it be good for them to get to spend time with you, but it will also help keep you grounded on some true values in life.

Making sure you have this balance will help keep you sane and motivated at the same time.

Cheat Meal – Bodybuilding Style


Okay let’s face it, chicken and rice and fish with sweet potatoes is the last thing you want to eat now. You are craving a plate full of homemade cookies like Santa on Christmas Eve. The worst thing you could do is to restrict your body of indulging in some poor quality meals and useless calories. This helps reset the body’s glycogen levels and spikes testosterone from the influx of additional carbs. You’ll probably wake up the next morning weighing even a little lighter. But besides the fact that it helps the body, it’s also good for your mind to be able to just eat what you want.

No measuring, no weighing – just eat some food that sounds good to you that you’ve been dreaming about for months. This actually helps lower your cortisol levels which are inhibitors of stress in the body. Not restricting the body for a week or so with allow you to reap huge benefits and get you more motivated to get back on a flexible diet when necessary.

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Time To Return To Training?


This topic is kind of up to the person. If you’re feeling like you really shouldn’t miss a day, then you’re in desperate need of some time off from the gym. Even if it’s not a full week off from the gym, a few days off will allow the body to heal some nagging and prodding injuries.

Even if no injuries are prevalent, your body needs time heal recover since you’ve been operating in a caloric deficit for so long. I would personally encourage some yoga or even some LISS cardio outside of possible. It’s a great way to keep active without being too taxing on the body while allowing the mind to debrief.

Mr Olympia 2016


If you’ve got the Mr Olympia bug, are competing soon and want motivation or you have an appreciation for fun, factual videos, make sure you have a watch of the Myprotein History of Mr Olympia video – it won’t disappoint!


Take Home Message


While the show brings great happiness if you win or lose, after the show plays a huge role in how you’ll approach the rest of the year of training. Keep in mind that this is just a part of your life and you’ll keep your passion for the sport for years to come!




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