An Exclusive Interview With Gabby Male For IWD

An Exclusive Interview With Gabby Male For IWD

‘You can do ANYTHING you want in life. Never let anyone, or anything, get in the way of your happiness and pursing what you love. If you believe you can do something, then you will, it is as simple as that.’ – Gabby Male


When have you been bold, made a change and what were the results?

I think jumping right into the fitness industry, creating an Instagram, starting a YouTube channel and just creating a platform for myself was very bold because there were so many opportunities for me to fail, and so many reasons for me not to do it, and to be apprehensive, but because I was bold and didn’t care what people thought, and just went all in, it allowed me to grow as a person, help so many people with their fitness journeys, and ultimately made me into who I am today.

Without being bold, you cannot grow. You have to take risks and be open to failure, but as long as you believe in what you are doing, and have an endless passion for it, you will be successful.

Why did you begin your fitness journey?

My fitness journey began originally to have my “dream body” and through years of struggling with body image issues and never fully reaching that dream body, I realized that fitness isn’t about achieving perfection, it is about working to be a better version of yourself every single day.

So, I began a new journey and focused on being strong, and loving myself no matter what state it is in (bulking or cutting). I think it is very important for people just beginning their journey to make sure they are starting it for the right reasons, and to make sure they want to work on loving their body and not just doing fitness because they are shameful.

What motivated you to change your lifestyle?

What ultimately motivated me, and continues to motivate me on a day-to-day basis is myself. I want to prove to myself that I can become a better person each and every day, whether that is physically, mentally, or socially.

I am motivated by my own mistakes as well as my successes. I think this is extremely important too because so often people will begin their journey because they want to look like that girl in the magazine.. People are constantly motivated by other people (which can be great don’t get me wrong) but you shouldn’t strive to look like someone else. Before you even begin to make any changes, you need to first shift that mindset. Instead of wanting someone else’s body, want the best version of your body.

Why shift your mindset to this? Because you will never, and can never, have someone else’s body…so why start yourself with a failing goal? Instead, imagine the best you’ve ever looked, or how you think your body would look if you lost some weight, and keep that image as your motivator and as your goal. Trying to be someone else is signing yourself up for failure, so don’t. LOVE YOURSELF.


Do you feel the sport industry has gender equality?

I definitely do not think it has gender equality. That being said, I personally don’t even notice it because I don’t let the fact there is a 50:1 ratio of guys to girls in the gym affect me. I’m so used to being one of the only girls picking up weights, so at this point it doesn’t really bother me, BUT it is extremely frustrating because I get girls coming to me all the time saying they are too scared to work out because at their gym it’s only boys lifting weights, and that can be a really scary thing to a beginner, so my best advice to that is to just put your headphones in, be confident, have a plan, find a workout buddy, and do your own thing!

What is your favorite exercise?

This changes all the time, but right now I have been really focusing on my glute and hamstring development because it is one of my weakest points. So, I have been loving heavy glute hip thrusts as well as spilt squats (or Bulgarian Split Squats)

Have you ever felt self-conscious at the gym? How did you deal with it?

Absolutely. Especially at the beginning of my fitness journey. It is so difficult to walk into a gym (as a beginner, and especially as a female in a room full of boys) and not feel awkward. It takes time, but as you begin to get a better feel for the gym, and begin to realize that everyone is there for the same reason, it gets less scary. Whenever I felt self-conscious I would always make sure to have headphones, crank up some feel-good songs, and just completely focus on what’s in front of me: the weights.

Do you have a specific diet plan that you follow?

Right now, I am following an “If It fits Your Macros” type of diet, so I don’t really restrict any food, but I follow a certain set of macros (protein, carbs, and fats) for the day.

Do you have a cheat day?

YES! Cheat days/meals are essential to adhering to your plan and keeping the results long term. I really preach having balance in my diet. I want to be on track most days, but some days you have to enjoy time with friends and family! And come on, who can say no to pizza?

What is your go-to guilty-pleasure?

I have a HUGE sweet tooth. So, anything including chocolate! I also am a sucker for ice cream.

Who is your favorite superhero and why?

I LOVE the hulk. Simply because he is big and strong and has awesome muscles.

Did anyone or anything in particular inspire you to make a difference?

At first it was more on my own, but as I began to get involved in the fitness community, I really looked up to people like Nikki Blackketter and Amanda Bucci.

If you could compare yourself to an inspirational woman, who would it be and why?

I LOVE Marilyn Monroe. She was such an amazing figurehead to women to embrace their bodies no matter the shape or size, and she always preached self-love, which is something I want all my social medias to portray.

Do you think social media has an impact on individual’s health and well-being?

Yes, I think that social media can be an amazing tool to help motivate people, as well as connect them to people with similar interests. I have found some of my best friends through social media. There is a fine line though. You have to make sure you are staying true to yourself, and not allowing it to consume you. Just never forget why you started your social media, and don’t ever let online happiness overtake physical and real happiness!

How do you balance your social life, family and training?

This one is difficult, but it takes practice and time to figure out what works best for you and your lifestyle. I really try to make sure I prioritize my day, every day. I think about what needs to get done first and what is the most important thing for that day and go from there. Since I’m in college, school sometimes does have to come before training and my social life, but there are other days were all I want to do is train, and ill put school work to the side, and then there are the weekends where I just want to let lose with my friends and be a regular college kid.

I think it is necessary to be totally honest with yourself and make sure you aren’t obsessing and dedicating too much time to one thing. All of these aspects (family, school, training, and friends) mean the world to me, so I want to be sure I spend my time wisely, so being organized also helps!


Favorite TV Show?

My favorite TV show is Friends! I just love how funny, outgoing, and happy they all are! It is such a feel-good show that I can put on at any point of the day, when I’m studying, when I’m cooking, or even if I want to sit down and actually watch, it is always good!

Who would you like to have coffee with?

This is a tough question! I would probably have to say Marilyn Monroe just because she is a huge inspiration of mine, and I’d love to tell her about the legacy she left behind, and how many women look up to her.

What’s in your gym bag?

My gym bag consists of:  a lacrosse ball (for rolling out), a weight belt, deodorant, headphones, Myprotein sample packets (I’m always prepared!), weight bands (major key to my leg days!), a water bottle, Myprotein BCAAs, my camera equipment, and gum!

How do you unwind/switch off?

I love spending time with my roommates or with my boyfriend! Even though he is also with Myprotein, we really like to keep work and our relationship as separate as possible. Or watching whatever my current Netflix show at the time is (which right now is Shameless!)

Favorite Instagram filter?

I will usually use a little bit of Clarendon then mess with the brightness, contrast etc.. But I really try to keep my pictures as unedited as possible!

Check out Gabby’s Instagram account @gmalefit for more great advice!



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