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An Interview With Meg Squats | Myprotein Ambassador

An Interview With Meg Squats | Myprotein Ambassador

If you haven’t heard of Meg Squats then where have you been?! With over 130, 000 followers on Instagram and over 150, 000 subscribers on YouTube Meg Squats is going places. Myprotein are certainly glad to have her on board as an Ambassador! Here’s your chance to find out some things you didn’t know about Megan.

 1. It can be assumed that a good amount of the Myprotein audience knows about you already, but for those who don’t, could you please tell them a little about yourself?

I’m a record holding powerlifter, strength coach, and head boss lady at Strong Strong Friends, the company I founded to make powerlifting more friendly and accessible. My mission is to get a barbell in every woman’s hands.

meg squats interview

 2. It’s obvious you are passionate about fitness and have a desire to inspire others. It seems people judge this lifestyle which makes us susceptible to ridicule and taunt for our practices and work ethic. To simply put the question, where does your love for fitness derive from and what keeps you consistent?

I love having fun. It took me awhile to find the sport of powerlifting, but I ultimately decided on it because it brought me the most joy. We sometimes feel isolated on our fitness journey when just beginning. Training in solidarity is oddly praised on our online communities. But what fun is that? I encourage people feeling the ridicule to find the fun, and see if someone will join you. It is a difficult task to convince an outsider to join their new lifestyle.

I also like winning. Winning is undeniably fun. That keeps me going.

 3. Strength Vs. Aesthetics! Go!

Strength goals are more concrete and obvious, so those numerical victories inspire me to train harder and smarter. I do really enjoy how strong my body looks right now, so to say I ignore aesthetics would be a lie. I bicep curl every bench day.

 4. On your social media, it seems like your friend network is huge and you immerse yourself with many kinds of individuals. What type of people do you like to surround yourself with and what are some of their qualities?

I like people that I can learn from. When I found myself creating content for lifters, I always understood that I don’t have all the answers, so I search for strong friends that I can learn from.

meg squats interview

 6. So something tells me that you like to squat! Can you talk about your training style and what exercises you like to focus on? Any advice for those looking to get into a fitness lifestyle?

I gave myself the name ‘megsquats’ when I was peaking my squat with a squat every day program. Let’s not ignore that I was inspired by my friend and fellow Myprotein athlete ‘Chelsealifts’ though! Of course now, my favorite lift is the deadlift.

The key principle in my programming philosophy is the accumulation of tonnage (weight x reps x sets) in the main powerlifting movements (squat/bench/deadlift) and supporting accessory exercises. I’m in a long off season, and competing in October, so volume is very high and intensity is relatively low. My focused movements are also less specific to the big 3 as well. Here’s my exact program this week:

Day 1

Front Squat 4×3, 1×3+ (the + means an AMRAP set, lifter must hit the reps listed minimum) @170lbs
RDLs 4×6 @210lbs
Good mornings: 4×12 @100lbs

Bro Stuff: Here I can pick whatever movements I want, but need 1 of the following: knee extension, hip extension, abs, trunk (each movement is 3×12-20)

Day 2

Bench 4×3, 1×3+ @ 145lbs
OHP 4×12 @75lbs
BB Rows 4×12 @95lbs

Bro Stuff: 3×12-20: bicep, tricep, delts, back

Day 3

Deadlift 2×3, 1×3+ @310lbs
Squat 4×10 @205lbs
High Bar Squat 4×12 @195

Bro Stuff: 3×12-20 Knee extension, hip extension, abs, trunk

Day 4

OHP 4×3, 1×3+ @ 87.5lbs
DB Incline Bench 4×12 @70lbs
DB Row 4×12 @60lb ea

Bro Stuff: 3×12-20 bicep, tricep, delts, back

The volume is pretty brutal I know! I also offer customized programming for athletes and lifters of all experience levels at strongstrongfriends.com

meg squats interview

 7. How has Myprotein changed your life and what are some of your favorite supplements to use?

I love Myprotein because I prefer to eat, rather than drink my protein. Protein Cookies have been a game-changer for me. I now reach for a double chocolate chip for about 40 g of protein, rather than my usual sweets.

For my intra workout supplement, I shoot for a 2:1 carb:protein ratio. The Oats & Whey bar is perfect for hitting that ratio and take a bite or two in between exercises to get me through my high volume sessions.

Last, a supplement I always take is the Creatine Monohydrate in Blue Raspberry.

Following Megan

Megan frequently features on the @myproteinus Instagram account. You can also follow her @megsquats on Instagram and subscribe to her YouTube channel here!

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