kirk miller workout plan


Motivation Overview

Everything we set out to do in everyday life and in the gym begins in the mind. If you don’t believe you can grow muscle you won’t. If you don’t believe you will get ripped you won’t. I go into every workout believing I am going to be stronger than the last one. My strongest attribute is my mind set, if I want something I do everything I am in control of to get it. I eat every meal, I take every supplement and push my body to the absolute limit EVERY rep of EVERY workout. These tips will help keep you fully motivated over the next 42 days:

•    Post your intentions on social media and tell anyone you know you are doing the program, you will be adding muscle and will be losing body fat. You will not want to look stupid by not following through your intentions. Be accountable for your words. Turn words into action and you will gain more support from those around you.
•    Keep the downloadable calendar in your room, somewhere that stares you in the face when you first wake up. Know exactly what workout you are going to do every day and then execute it. Tick off each day before you go to bed. 42 days later you will be in the shape of your life.
•    Write the weights and rep you have lifted during every session. Look to add more weight the following week. You will get stronger and be even more motivated to keep going.
•    Take pictures and note down your weight in the same lighting at the same time every week to see the differences. Aim to improve every week.
•    Keep a picture of your ideal physique as your screen saver or your favourite motivational quote. By seeing it regularly throughout the day it will stop any thought of losing your focus or going off your plan. I have loads on my phone.
•    Connect with other people following the program, or encourage others to do it with you. Share your stories, goals and keep each other focused and motivated.

Master your mind and the body will follow!