Day 24 | What Have You Achieved This Year?

Day 24 | What Have You Achieved This Year?

As the year draws to a close, lots of us take stock of the last twelve months. How have things changed since last year? What have we achieved? What on earth were are New Year’s Resolutions again?

Often, we’re overly harsh on ourselves as we’re making our annual life-assessment. After all, we’re with ourselves 24/7, so we’re not going to notice the subtle changes that can amount to a big achievement. And, as we all know, social media is always on hand to give a filtered image of what we could have done. Whether it’s someone celebrating an engagement while you’re still furiously swiping through Tinder, or a Facebook Live video of someone smashing their personal best you’ve been struggling with at the gym, it can be hard not to compare yourself negatively in some way.

But there are plenty of ways you can track your achievements to make sure you recognize everything you’ve done since last December to ensure you have a proud and positive New Year!

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What You Need To Do

✓ Turning Up

You know how the gym gets manic in January and is dead by Valentines’ day? Just being one of the few that make it past the one month attendance mark is an achievement.

✓ Feeding Your Ambition

A key part of your health and fitness is your diet. Immediately after Christmas can be the worst time of year to think about how you’ve managed your nutrition. It’s a tempting time of mince pies and mulled wine, so don’t beat yourself up if you feel like you’ve fallen at the last hurdle (although, extra points to you if you’ve used our recipes and tips to keep the Christmas cravings satisfied in a healthy way!). Think of the best recipes you’ve learned this year, or how many of your work lunches were healthy in comparison to last year. Perhaps you’ve just discovered the beauty of beetroots or swapped your pasta maker for a spiralizer. Each little win deserves a pat on the back!

✓ Knowledge is Power

Whether you switch classes every week or have honed your gym time down to an exact routine, you’re learning all the time about what workouts are best for you. Think about the main things you’ve learned this year. It could be you realized you hate pull ups, or that you find step ups is the most effective way to make your legs feel toned. It could be you found out the gym is at its quietest at 4pm on Sundays, or that your local park has a really nice area for running, or you discovered the power of post-workout protein. Rate your brain power as highly as your physical power when you’re looking back over the year.

✓ Divide and Conquer

Often, a harsh self-assessment comes from thinking too broadly about our achievements. Even Olympians strive to improve. Instead of thinking “there’s so much more I need to do!” celebrate what you HAVE done. Can you go faster or for longer when doing a cardiovascular exercise? Have you increased your weights at all when you lift? Can you stretch further than before, or been more thorough with your warm ups and warm downs since last year? There’s improvements to be found everywhere. Sometimes you just have to look a little closer to find them.

✓ See Your Stress As A Challenge

If you’re looking back with despair thinking you didn’t manage anything this year, or you’re wondering if you’re actually in worse shape than ever, that too can be turned into a positive. Turn your worries into action – book in with a personal trainer, or develop your own training plan. You’re in pole position to be extra -pleased with yourself next year.

Start As You Mean To Go On

The best thing about leading a healthy lifestyle is how good it makes you feel. So, whether you’re carrying on the great habits you’ve been working on this last year, or you feel like you’re starting from rock bottom, let positivity be your guide. Congratulate yourself every time you make a vitamin packed smoothie or finish a workout – so by next New Year’s Eve it’ll be second nature to think up all the little accomplishments that lead to a big achievement!

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 Merry Christmas!

All that’s left to say is from all of us at Myprotein we wish you a Merry Christmas! Have a lovely Christmas Day and enjoy your Christmas dinner!



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