Day 17 | Best Christmas Gym Buddies

Day 17 | Best Christmas Gym Buddies

When the nights get cold and dark, getting social can be a great way to encourage yourself to work out. Having a gym buddy can help shake up your routine and push you to perform better. But which Christmas Gym Buddy style is best suited to you? We outlined the top choices to help you decide:

 1. The Santa

The Santa style workout buddy is someone you assumed was unfit, but ends up having the stamina of an ox. Beware if you fall into the trap of thinking this workout buddy will make you feel good in comparison, because they have energy to keep going and going long after you’ve stopped for a breather. Carrying round a heavy sack? No problem. Jumping up and down chimneys? Please.

The Santa offers a lot to learn – they are often experts at refueling properly, so take a sneaky note at what’s on their fireplace/in their protein mix.

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 2. The Scrooge

Working out with a Scrooge can be a nightmare. Firstly, they are the most likely of all the Christmas workout buddies to bail last minute or turn down your offer of a social gym session. Scrooges are whingers by nature, and complain at the first sign of sweat. They are NOT workout buddies to suit the faint hearted or easily distracted.

Scrooges can work for those that like sharing their routines and helping others get fit. Confidence is key with a Scrooge. If you manage to break through to a Scrooge, they can turn into your greatest gym buddy of all, so they are not to be discounted as an option straight away!

 3. The Rudolph

Rudolph gym buddies are inspirational. They turn up in fantastic gym wear and stand out from the crowd as they hit the treadmill. Cardio is no problem for a Rudolph – it seems like they could run around the world!

Take a leaf out of a Rudolph’s book and treat yourself to some new workout outfits. It can be amazing how much feeling as though you look good can improve your performance – especially in classes where you can see yourself in the mirror.

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 4. The Elf

Elves are good Christmas gym buddies for people that are looking for a shake-up in their workout routine. They rush about from exercise to exercise, trying every machine before they leave the gym. If you want a full body workout, go for an Elf. You might not feel you’ve had the most intense exercise session, but you’ll come away with new ideas to incorporate into your regime.

 5. The Mrs Claus

At first, a Mrs Claus seems like the perfect gym partner, up for doing the same exercises as you and turning up on time.

However, the caring nature of a Mrs Claus means you never really push yourselves in your workouts. They’re a non-competitive type, and as soon as you start getting out of breath, they call a break, and they’re often the first to suggest a post-workout coffee and cake.

You must be the driving force with a Mrs Claus – be their inspiration and use that as motivation.

Take Home Message

So there you have it. A list of all the potential gym buddies you could encounter this Christmas. The decision on who you want to have is up to you!

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