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Lewis Kirk

Lewis Kirk

Lewis Kirk is our editor and Level 3 Qualified Personal Trainer. He uses his knowledge as a strength coach to help bring the benefits of barbell exercises to men and women who struggle with the daily 9-5.

Having run successful weight-loss courses for PureGym, Lewis uses his experience of calorie control and eating behaviour to help people achieve their goals.

He’s also one of our workout editors for the Myprotein App, creating challenging and exciting new workouts for you to try.

In his spare time, Lewis trains using a blend of bodybuilding and powerlifting exercises, and enjoys exploring new places and exciting new foods.

How To Do A Chin-Up | Benefits & Technique


How To Do A Chin-Up | Benefits & Technique

All you need is a pull-up bar and your bodyweight…

2019-05-13 14:03:15By Lewis Kirk

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