• How To Stop Craving Junk Food

    By Kevin Dickson | In Nutrition | on August 11, 2016

    Dreaming about that juicy, succulent burger or that double chocolate milkshake whilst trying to stick your calorie controlled diet? We know your pain. Craving junk food can be one of the biggest downfalls to your healthy eating diet plan. To help you stop craving that gym-wrecking junk food, we’ve highlighted five simple bite-size tips. 1. […]

  • The Best Cuts of Meat for Lean Protein

    By Tyler Stark | In Nutrition | on August 10, 2016

    It’s inevitable – to get big and muscular you must consume large amounts of lean protein. But egg whites and powdered whey can get incredibly bland and maybe not fill you up quite as much as some whole-meat protein sources. Some will be a staple in your diet already and some will shock you with […]

  • Full Body Barbell Workout

    By Tyler Stark | In Training | on August 9, 2016

    Summer’s in full swing but maybe you’re trying to trim off those last couple inches or pounds to get beach ready. Look no further than this fat-torching barbell circuit that will leave you begging for mercy. With a mixture of heavy compound lifts, drop sets and burnouts, this barbell workout will have you slim and trim […]

  • What Is Glycine & What Are Its Benefits?

    By Billy Galipeault | In Supplements | on August 8, 2016

    L-Glycine is an amino acid, in fact it is the smallest amino acid there is. Known as the building blocks of life, amino acids are what make up proteins and are crucial for almost every cell function in the body. Whilst in the fitness community most of us think of the muscle building effects of amino […]

  • Clean-Eating Kebabs | Chicken & Pineapple Recipe

    By Myprotein | In Recipes | on August 7, 2016

    The sweet pineapple pieces combined with the savory peppers are succulent and satisfying. They can be served warm or cold and are a perfect healthy BBQ recipe! You will need 250g Chicken Breast ½ Canned Pineapple Chunks ½ Red Pepper ½ Green Pepper ½ Yellow Pepper 2 tbs Coconut Oil 2 tbs Honey 1 tsp […]

  • Vitamin D | Deficiency Symptoms, Benefits & Dosage

    By Chad Hollinger | In Nutrition | on August 6, 2016

    Most people would tell you that it is good to spend a little time each day outside in the sun.  One of the benefits of this is that sunlight plays a key role in our bodies formation of vitamin D.  What exactly is vitamin D and what roles does it play in our bodies?  Should […]

  • What Is German Volume Training?

    By Shelby Meyers | In Training | on August 5, 2016

    German Volume Training, though it sounds scary, is actually a fantastic way to shock your muscles. If you’ve hit a plateau, not seeing much muscle gain, or just need a change in routine, German Volume Training is definitely the way to shake things up. The workout goes as follows: One Exercise, 100 reps, and Rest/Pause. […]

  • Genu recurvatum is characterized by excessive extension of the knee at the tibiofemoral joint.  It is a deformity of the lower limb, in which the knee bends backwards posteriorly.  During an individuals gait analysis, common dysfunctions noticed include decreased stride length, cadence, velocity, and step length [1].  There are a couple different classifications of genu […]