• Protein Energy Balls

    By Myprotein | In Protein Recipes, Protein Snacks | on October 20, 2014

      Protein Energy Balls   Looking for a quick on the go energy snack? These protein energy balls are perfect before the gym or sports training… what’s more you only need three ingredients!   Ingredients   For this recipe you’ll probably have these three ingredients already lurking in your cupboards or fruit bowl. You’ll need: […]

  • Top 10 Foods to Increase Metabolism

    By Myprotein | In Articles, Articles, Articles, Mens, Nutrition, Womens | on October 18, 2014

    Top 10 Foods to Increase Metabolism   Whether you’re just starting your journey to losing weight or building muscle- or you’ve hit a dreaded plateau it’s vital to remember that 80% of your progress depends on your diet! This not only means the types of foods you eat, but also the times you choose to eat! To […]

  •   Protein Chocolate Overnight Oats   Look for a quick sweet tasty breakfast? Got a candy craving? Why not try making this delicious protein chocolate overnight oats! This delicious dish will not only help satisfy that sweet tooth craving but because it’s prepared at night, by the time you wake up all you’ll have to […]

  •   Banana and Peanut Butter Protein Bars Recipe   If you’re looking for an energy hit before the gym why not try these super easy to make protein banana and peanut butter protein bars. These bars are made with oats and bananas to give you a sustained release of energy during a workout, with a […]

  • Top Ten Foods High in Protein

    By Myprotein | In Articles, Articles, Articles, Mens, Nutrition, Womens | on October 12, 2014

      Top Ten Foods High in Protein   So you’re looking to increase the amount of protein in your diet… but what foods are highest in protein? In this article we’ll tel2l you the top ten foods highest in protein so you can start changing your diet for the better.   1. Poultry     First […]

  • Protein Shakes For Women

    By Myprotein | In Articles, Articles, Nutrition, Womens | on October 11, 2014

      Protein Shakes For Women   If you’re reading this article you’re most likely a girl and probably starting to consider taking protein… so the question is where the heck do you start? In this article we’ll bust some of those fitness myths and also tell you the best protein shakes for women!   So […]

  • How to get 6 pack Abs | Top Tips for Abs

    By Myprotein | In Articles, Articles, Mens, Training | on October 10, 2014

    How to get 6 pack Abs | 5 Top Tips for Abs   So either you’ve stumbled upon this article because you’re interested in getting a shredded 6 pack or you’ve been trying to get a 6 pack set of abs for some time… but the best you’ve got so far is a 6 pack […]

  • CrossFit: Should I Drink the CrossFit Cool Aid?   You may or may not know this, but CrossFit  is a “sport” that’s been around for years… but if you’re just hearing about it now or just starting to find out more, this article will tell you everything you need to know- from the exercises to […]