• What Is Tabata Interval Training? | Exercises & Workouts

    By Katie McLean | In Training | on September 22, 2016

    US Myprotein Writer Katie McLean   Tabata interval training is a high intensity workout that has both overall fitness and weight loss benefits. It is also a very short workout, which is great for those who are generally busy people. Tabata interval training can offer maximum benefits in the shortest amount of time, when performed […]

  • 10 Weight Lifting Songs To Get You Pumped For Heavy Lifting

    By Trevor Barber | In Training | on September 21, 2016

    US Myprotein Writer Trevor Barber   Have you ever had a long grueling day at work, then get home and realize you need to hit the gym but haven’t got the motivation? Perhaps you gym before work but really want to stay in bed? There will always be days where you have no motivation, or […]

  • What Is Red Korean Gingseng Extract | Benefits & Side Effects

    By Billy Galipeault | In Supplements | on September 21, 2016

    US Myprotein Writer Billy Galipeault History of Gingseng In a time before Jesus asked us to lift heavy weight for his sins, close to 3,000 years even, not many herbal medicines were so highly regarded and praised for being a cure all, and even less are still around today. One plant that has stood the […]

  • Weight Lifting For Beginners | Workout Routine

    By Logan Berman | In Training | on September 21, 2016

    US Myprotein Writer Logan Berman   So you’re beginning in the gym and want to find out what kind of workouts will be most beneficial towards building muscle. Well, it’s actually a lot simpler than you think. This is one of my favorite workouts of all time and has been one of the largest factors towards […]

  • Health Benefits Of Moringa Tea | Usages, Dosages & More

    By Billy Galipeault | In Supplements | on September 20, 2016

    US Myprotein Writer Billy Galipeault   Moringa oleifera is a fast growing tree which is primarily found in South Asia. It has three nicknames that all tell you a little bit about it: ✓ Horseradish Tree –  from the spicy taste of the bark. ✓ Drumstick Tree – originates from its long and skinny pods which […]

  • Hip Flexors | Exercises To Stretch, Mobilize & Release

    By Katie McLean | In Training | on September 20, 2016

    By Katie McLean US Myprotein Writer   Your hip flexors are a group of skeletal muscles that are responsible for flexing your hip joint, pulling your knees upward, moving your legs from side to side and front to back, and helps to stabilize your lower body. Tight hip flexors are a common issue however. Most […]

  • Stay Hydrated | The Importance of Water For Your Body

    By Katie McLean | In Nutrition | on September 20, 2016

    US Myprotein Writer Katie McLean   Your body needs water in order to perform daily activities accordingly. Regularly staying hydrated helps promote a whole host of vital bodily functions:   ✓ Healthy blood circulation ✓ Steady metabolism ✓ Waste removal ✓ Detoxification ✓ Regulates body temperature   Tens of thousands of different chemical reactions take place in the body every […]

  • Diet Protein Shakes For Weight Loss

    By James Braun | In Nutrition | on September 19, 2016

    US Myprotein Writer James Braun   First of all, we’ll go over the basis of what we’re trying to achieve. Losing weight isn’t exactly rocket science, but people tend to over-complicate the process, especially by following things such as FAD diets. Don’t contract “Shiny object syndrome” and think that some shake or magical pill will […]