• Whey Protein | What Is It? When To Take? Benefits?

    By Simon Roshdy | In Nutrition | on June 19, 2015

    It’s safe to say the majority of the population has heard of, or at one point had a protein shake, and chances are extremely high that what you consumed was whey protein! But what exactly is whey protein? And who should be consuming it? Let’s find out! What is Whey Protein? Whey itself is what […]

  • The Best Leg Workout Routine For Building Mass

    By Apoorv Kumar Upadhyay | In Training | on October 8, 2015

    Training lower body helps in maintaining symmetry as well as providing a testosterone boost and strength to any individual. When we talk about leg training, we have a series of pre-defined old school exercises. Yeah, they are old school as they are in every guy’s schedule with or without variations – exercises like squats, leg […]

  • How To Avoid Bloating | Top 5 Tips

    By Sarah Harradine | In Nutrition, Womens | on October 8, 2015

    Even after taking care of your diet and exercising hard, it’s still possible to have a bloated stomach. Learn how to avoid bloating and get a flat stomach with these five simple tips from Myprotein Ambassador Sophie Aris. 1. Stay Hydrated Carry around a bottle of water, so you can stay hydrated constantly – add […]

  • Whey Protein & Hydrolyzed Whey | Which Is Best?

    By Apoorv Kumar Upadhyay | In Supplements | on October 7, 2015

    Protein supplementation has taken the world with a storm. More and more researchers have favored the fact that to grow muscle at a rapid rate, protein is required. Protein is the key to building muscles no matter what. Further research was carried out to develop alternatives to meat and a dairy-based and vegetarian-friendly  protein was […]

  • Fun-ctional Training | Have Fun, Get Fit

    By Adolphus Hall III | In Training | on October 6, 2015

    In most fitness circles the term “functional training” often gets thrown around, typically in a biased way towards their specific fitness background. But is there truly any form of physical activity and fitness training that isn’t functional? In today’s society fitness enthusiasts have a variety of popular training methods to choose from: Olympic sports, endurance […]

  • Getting Lean and Cut | A Beginners’ Guide

    By Logan Berman | In Nutrition | on October 6, 2015

    Lean, muscular bodies are something many dream of, yet they don’t always succeed in achieving such a physique. Many feel that having such a toned body is too difficult and it it doesn’t appear realistic to work towards. For some, obtaining a lean and muscular physique may be as easy as riding a bike, while […]

  • Whey Protein Before Bed | Are There Any Benefits?

    By Tyler Stark | In Supplements | on October 5, 2015

    Any fitness enthusiast, gym rat or person trying to live a relatively healthy lifestyle is aware of the fact that protein is something that is very necessary to building a healthier body. What many may not know is the proper use of protein timing and the correct protein form. So, it’s about 9:00pm and you […]

  • LISS Training For Fat Loss

    By Joshua Levesque | In Training | on October 5, 2015

    Aerobic training has been relied upon for shedding unwanted pounds – in fact exercise at 60.2 to 80% of the maximal heart rate has been shown to illicit maximal fat oxidation (Carey, 2009). To better understand training heart rates let us take a look at the average adult in the table below. This average adult […]

  • What Is Guarana? What Are Its Benefits?

    By Apoorv Kumar Upadhyay | In Supplements | on October 4, 2015

    The word guarana has its origin from the Guaraní word guara-ná that means “fruit like the eyes of people”. Guarana belongs to the maple family and is a climber plant species. Guarana is a favorite amongst the people of Brazil where it is grown & cultivated. Being a climber, it has large leaves and is […]