• The Best No-Squat Glute Workouts

    By Jared Mullendore | In Training, Womens | on July 22, 2015

    There’s a huge hype over squats right now, especially on social media: pictures of girls posing from the back with headlines like want this booty? Better squat! There’s no doubt that squatting is one of the best glute workouts, but if you have joint or mobility problems that prevent you from performing this compound move, […]

  • Powerlifting Women | Breaking the Stereotype

    By Jasmine Solder | In Training, Womens | on July 22, 2015

    Powerlifting is a subdivision of lifting weights that focuses on the three big lifts: squat, bench, and deadlift. It’s about having good technique, strength, and killer perseverance. Powerlifting has cultivated a community of both men and women who are all trying to become as strong as they can, and who encourage others in the same […]

  • Protein for women | How much should I consume daily?

    By Sarah Harradine | In Nutrition, Womens | on July 8, 2015

    Thanks to the ‘strong is the new skinny’ movement, fear of muscle building and protein for women is long-gone. The realization that ‘muscle tone’ is just another word for ‘muscle building’ has had ladies everywhere throwing their zero-fat yogurt in the trash to be replaced with a post-workout protein shake. But protein is essential for all […]

  • Summer Programs | 10-Minute Full Body Workout

    By Sarah Curran | In Training, Womens | on April 21, 2015

      Sometimes it can be really tough to fit in a full workout, especially when you are under pressure to fit everything else into your hectic schedule. It is however possible to fit in a really effective yet short workout that will help get you bikini ready in time for Summer! This workout is best […]

  • The Best 8 Exercises To Build A Bikini Body

    By Myprotein | In Training, Womens | on April 15, 2015

    Although there are hundreds of exercises that will help to create the perfect summer body, here is a list of ones that I have found especially effective at sculpting my physique for the Summer months. If you are new to these exercises, use lighter weights at first and as you get the hang of them […]

  • Rest and Recovery | Benefit Your Training

    By Myprotein | In Articles, Mens, Training, Womens | on April 8, 2015

      By Myprotein Writer Josh Anderson   Work, rest, eat, and repeat. Those are the four words that can be used to summarize an effective exercise regimen, but how long can you keep those up? Everyone falls off of their routine sometimes. Much like a cheat meal, time spent away from the gym is also […]

  • 5 Exercises for a Great Abs Workout!

    By Myprotein | In Articles, Mens, Training, Womens | on April 1, 2015

      By Myprotein Writer Simon Roshdy   I’ve seen the same thing over and over again – somebody in the corner of the gym doing hundreds of sit ups and/or crunches till they can’t breathe, thinking this is an optimal way to build six pack abs. I’ve got news for you everyone…it’s not! Abs should […]

  • 5 Great Ways To Improve Your Digestion

    By Myprotein | In Articles, Mens, Nutrition, Womens | on March 31, 2015

      By Myprotein Writer Karey Boerst    Did you know that a healthy gut affects you in more ways than just what is… you know, going on down there? Not only does a healthy gut make things easier and more pleasant in the restroom, but also a healthy gut keeps YOU healthy. Basically, all of […]