• POWERLIFTING Part 1 | Proper Squat Form

    By Myprotein | In Articles, Mens, Training | on March 26, 2015

      By Myprotein Writer Alex Pinnow    In part one of this three part series, we will go over the basic technique of the squat. Yes, I hear all the sighs of disappointment…another article on technique. As much as you don’t want to hear it, perfecting the right technique will allow you to reap the muscle-strengthening […]

  •   Myprotein ambassadors and International Bodybuilding stars Owen and Lewis Harrison were recently interviewed by Open Sky Fitness, a widely-popular fitness podcast based in Los Angeles. Our inspirational twins explained the competition they’ve had since an early age, living together, training together and how they’ve bought the same exercise supplements to become the sculpted bodybuilders they […]

  • What is Whey Protein made of?

    By Myprotein | In Articles, Nutrition | on March 26, 2015

      If we were to ask people what they deem to be the number one sports supplement there’s a big chance most would answer “whey protein”. It’s a given fact that over the last years whey protein has sparked the interest of sportspeople across various sports fields. Fifteen years ago, it wasn’t very common to […]

  • Beta-Alanine for Maximum Performance!

    By Myprotein | In Articles, Mens, Nutrition | on March 20, 2015

      By Myprotein Writer Robert Schinetsky    Are you finding yourself struggling to push through your workouts? Does your stamina seem to be waning in those last few sets? Is the lactic acid build up in your muscles too much to bear? Beta Alanine is just what your supplement regimen may be lacking. It’s safe, […]

  • 5 Fitness Tips For University Students

    By Myprotein | In Articles, Mens, Nutrition, Womens | on March 11, 2015

      By Myprotein Writer Andrew Woollcombe-Clarke   University is a Godsend for those who want to develop awe-inspiring physiques or for those who just want to develop healthy eating and training habits for the future. Trying to ascertain Arnold’s level of muscularity is hard enough in itself, especially when you’re in the real world with […]

  • The Best Pre-Workout Nutrition

    By Myprotein | In Articles, Mens, Nutrition | on March 6, 2015

      By Myprotein Writer Tyler Stark   Most individuals have the desire and drive to be a fitter version of themselves, yet others strive to be a step beyond the weekend warrior gym-goer. In order to hit that PB, break that mile time or just smash a workout, your body has to be properly primed, fuelled […]

  •     By Myprotein Writer Richard King   Dieting is never an option when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. The true meaning behind the word ‘diet,’ in my opinion, is just short term hope for a quick fix…that is why it typically never works. Restriction can never last a lifetime – and if it […]

  •   By Myprotein Writer Eugene Tsai   Are you all still keeping true to your new year’s resolution? It’s getting close to spring, and next thing you know, it’ll be summer time…time to work off that winter bulk you’ve been working on for so long! The problem with bulking in the winter is that most […]