Terry Hollands

Terry Hollands

"I always use wraps and a belt - safety is paramount if you want to lift big weights"

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Terry Hollands is like a giant brought to life from the pages of a fairy tale. At 6 foot 6 and weighing almost 26 stone he has been at the top of the strong man game for almost a decade. Terry has found himself on the podium of The World’s Strongest Man 3 times, gracing the finals a total of 7 times.

To witness Terry lifting weights is something you aren’t quite prepared for, artistry, passion and brute strength.




Terry is a man with a dichotomous training regime. On the one hand he is an advocate of gym based training utilising core compound exercises to build strength, but on the other hand he never neglects the exercises that form the basis of each of his competitive events. Terry attacks the ‘bench press’ with as much enthusiasm as the ‘farmers work’.